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08 May 2010

My New Phone - N97 mini =)

Ok Since last year, I've been showing off around saying
that I want to buy

But after thinking, looking around, delaying,
and waiting for the price to drop..
(Now, The price has dropped)
I decided not to buy Iphone wahaha...
I don't like I phone liao -30% wahaha =P

Dad and ptbf always says BB IS GOOD in front of me...
dad says, "I have a lot of BB, I give you okay..
use BB la use BB la so you can BBM with dad.."
I replied "NO !"

Ptbf have 2 BB and he only use one..
he said he want to give the other one to me
and I said "No thanks!" Haha...

It's not me being choosey, But I don't like BB !! the model of the phone is not classy (to me) and the camera sucks lol and I don't know why but I also don't like things that a lot of people is using ! I mean you can see almost everyone is using it now..just like LV lol hwuahuaa..


According to ptbf,
Singaporean love Iphone and Indonesian love BB.
For me, Neutral. wahahaha...

It's just me =P
So at the end, I decided to get NOKIA instead

I've been using NOKIA brand for my entire life
and I think I am not going to change =P

And dad (or mum? I don't know who paid that lol)
just bought me N97 mini

and I LOVE IT =)

An at least 5MP camera is a must !
Because I don't have camera
and I don't want to have a camera (at this moment)
because it's so bulky =P

Another must-have feature will be
WI-FI Internet =)

Then basic feature will be phonecall and sms

thats it =P

ohya...It also have to be elegant and cool !!

cool right!

yay! dad found a PINK POUCH for me..
It's the time to PIMP my gadget =P

stay tune if you want to see BLINK BLINK wahaha =P


  1. so cool.. im still stuck with my old nokia =P

  2. Yeah la... people got new handphone... I'm still using Moto and it's already 6 y.o. It's time to change :D


Thanks for your lovely comment!