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30 May 2010

Mum Bro Me

Mum and Bro came to Singapore on Friday !!
yayayayay !! It was a Public Holiday =D

We met at Harbour front...
and headed to Bugis afterward.
We had Pepper Lunch !!
- Beef curry w/ cheese pepper lunch
- Double beef Pepper lunch

Mum had her SABA !!
Her favorite dishes ever !

After Lunch, we went to take photo !!
hauhaua I choosed the LATEST machine... =)
mum looks like a doll hauhaua..

The new machine printed our photo into two !
so if you are with your friend,
you don't need to cut the photo yourself...
coz they're already splitted into two =)

After from Bugis Junction,
We went to Bugis Street...
see that?
what were they doing on the top of the bus stop ? =P

If you can spot us =)
mum was settling her shopping !

after shopping, we went to my aunt house..
ah-ma and yi-yi were here... =)
So we went to harbour front with them as
they wanted to go back to Indonesia too... yi-yi said...
My shirt looks like Takashimaya Shopping bag =_="
haha nvmd I dun care...
I love my shirt =P

So they went back to Indonesia and departed at 19.20 =)

After that....
I went to shop alone at Vivo...
and Disaster Happened !
I spent almost $300 at TANGS=(
I went in with nothing and came out with
will blog about it next time =P

si liao si liao si liao.... =P


  1. It's always nice to shop in Singapore.

  2. If you didn't mention it, it wouldn't have crossed my mind.. but yes! your top would make good promotion material for taka! (:


Thanks for your lovely comment!