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19 May 2010

Meiji Meiji Meiji !!

OMG this is a CUTE POST !! wahaha well..
I am BACK to the OFFICE
I am going to collect my S pass later on...
which mean I will leave early today yuhuu!

Life with snacks, pastry, cakes and whatever

there were curry puffs from mona on Monday

God Damn Nice warm cheese custard bun from james
and home made pudding by miss tay on Tuesday

2 Birthday cakes for Angela and Fiona!
mango cake and fruit cake
on Wednesday...
It was a very nice MANGO cake!

(for illustration purpose =P)

and I wonder who will buy what today wahaha =P

I love to go for lunch alone... =)
because I can go wherever I want !
without wasting other's people time hihi..
I am considerate okay haha =X
Do I look better with side bangs? =P

S.O = SO !
I have been shopping a lot during lunch time...
si liao la.. =(

So OneDay,
I found out that WATSON was having promotion !!!

at Raffles Place MRT exchange!
(I guess today is the last day...I am sorry)


I found out that...
Guardian is having meiji promotion too !!
it was located at VIVO CITY
near to Zara if I am not wrong

they have the same snacks w/ watson..
might want to drop by!

meiji meiji meiji !

their new packaging and new flavour ! MANGO !! mangoish today ! haha..

of course chocolate !
I love their black chocolate ! (I just tried it)
wasn't really bitter..just nice!
In fact I afraid that the milk chocolate will be too sweet..

Garlic Toast !
I've not tried but according to ptbf it was 3/5

update: I JUST TRIED OMG you have to TRY this..
haha it was in cute mini garlic bread shape and it's nice!
for me this is 4/5 lo
go to vivo city now!


see this...
Strawberry Chocolate Oreo mini bar !

this is not from meiji btw =)

I am going to post about my online finds tomorrow!
stay tune!

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