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02 May 2010

Mcdonalds Happy Meal - Dorami Vs Gucci

As Usual, I ordered Mcd ! and again...
I did ordered Happy Meal! =)
Because I love SURPRISES !!
I love to check my mailbox !

Almost 2 times a day ! wahaha...
because I am waiting for Surprise !! =P

I did tried their
Double Quater Pounder with Cheese !

and It was so Huge that I can't finish it...
I share it with Gucci =P

And the Happy meal toy this week isss.....

Dorami ! OMG so cute lo...
I've ever received Dorami too..
click this to see my prev dorami

Sticker !
haha dressing up

tadaa !!

Here is a video...My Gucci don't like dorami =P


Thanks for your lovely comment!