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22 May 2010

Mask Mask Mask

I am so sorry for the delay post !
Hohoho I'd promised you guys to share my online finds !!
So... I found these POPULAR mask on =)
Popular as in it's introduced on nu ren wo zui da and also..
I saw a lot of people selling it on facebook
price range (Rp 20.000 = $3?) expensive!
So I bought these cheaper than anyone $0.64?
I forgot but it was not more than $1 !
I mentioned on my blog that I bought the mask
at $1.50 from Bugis?
I should search about it before I buy huhu...
But anyway I should thank the girl..
because she was the one who introduced me this =)

So I bought it from SGlady...
Buy 10 get 1 free...
Since it was so cheap..
why not buy 10?
so I bought total of 30 mask + 3 free

[etc] ★Taiwan Best Seller ★Peel Off Face Masks - 3 Types!! Truly Effective!! 10 S$ 6.60 Delivered
[etc] ★Collagen Masks!Eyes/Lips/Neck/Face!! All used by celebrities!!★ 10 S$ 6.60 Delivered
[etc] ★Collagen Masks!Eyes/Lips/Neck/Face!! All used by celebrities!!★ 10 S$ 9.60 Delivered

the delivery was free =)

The Shiseido mask was $0.64
Normal eye mask $0.64
Gold eye mask $1.00

I used the Shiseido mask the day before graduation
wahaha I looks like a monkey here lol

Surprisingly it was so easy to peel off
and the result is...
as I am consuming roacutane now..
My skin is extremely DRY
and this peel off mask did remove my dry and dead skin..
and for me it has a lil bit of whitening effect =)

Tips: Don't apply it thickly...
because you'll wait for longer before it gets dry..

I also bought BB cream and some shirt+ dress
CHEAP online...
will share it tonight...stay tune !


  1. Anonymous22 May, 2010

    r u using registered mail?
    the web suggests us using registered mail

  2. no...I use normal postage which was free... =)


Thanks for your lovely comment!