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12 May 2010

Last Song and Ah Wok Seafood @ ION

So I started my day by going to Orchard to meet ptbf
we planned to meet at 6 but I arrived at 6.45 =P
Thanks to QiuQiu
I got a pair of preview screening movie ticket for free!
by voting her spoofed pic of the last song


I saw QQ in the theater too..
She was so excited when she met another blogger, Silver.
Haha..How cute she was =)

So! The Last Song Movie was a good movie!
you have to watch it...
It starts showing tomorrow!
It was a very warming + touching story.
I cried 3 times huahuaa...
I missed my family..and started to imagine..
If one day they left T-T hiks hiks hiks..
ok anyway...
The brother in the movie was god damn funny!
love story reminds me of my PAST
yes not present =(

source :

Popcorn and drinks if you can see... =P

After the movie, we moved on to ION
Had dinner at this Ah Wok Seafood
we're so addicted to Chinese Cuisine these day..

V.I.P area
Love chandelier

french bean w/ minced meat
tom yum

BBQ Stingray

Dessert something durian w/ coconut Ice cream...
mad nice!

White Roses spotted at ION

And me with my god damn nice roses shirt


  1. I want to watch it too but I don't think I will watch it in theater. I like staying at home and watching romance movie because I can cried all I want.


  2. Anonymous13 May, 2010

    where did u buy e rose top?
    i hv been looking for it like ages!

  3. The food looks so yummy!!


Thanks for your lovely comment!