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22 May 2010

Graduation 2010

On 20th May, 08.00am in the morning..
I rushed myself down to Temasek Polytechnic by Taxi
It was raining and I have to fight for taxi wahaha...
The report time was 08.30am
I was so afraid to be late.. -_-"

When I reached, this is what I saw..
Crowded-ness and Long Long queue ! lol...

we're supposed to return our matriculation card
and get our seat number...

C5 was my seat..
and JC was my neighbour ! wahaha..

View from ptbf...
He was late..HUFF !!

My Dad Mum Sis and Bro were even earlier than him huh...!!

The reason of his lateness were

1. He went to buy a bouquet of flower for me
(ok this is fine!)

2. He went to Temasek Secondary School
instead of Temasek Polytechnic..

(This is NOT acceptable ! Bedok and Tampines ler!)

3. He alighted at the wrong side of TP
(I hate know why?
He'd ever came down to TP
with me for my graduation attire..
and I've been reminding and kept saying..
"remember the way, remember where you should go when you arrived
bla bla bla..."and he still forgot =_=" )

4. Because of his lateness,
My family was almost late
as all of the tickets were with him
and they sat far far away from the stage
(yes! almost the last row)

I don't understand why must he always leave bad impression to my family =_-"

A video of opening!
JC asked should we do the "Salute"?
when she heard the Majulah Singapura's song

There were long long talk by several important people

wahaha Eve, Cynn, Double Hen shown in the screen lol
and a lil bit of me actually...

And finally !! The ceremony officially start !

It started from
Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Business
and continued with
Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

That was me...
nervous, looking back and laugh to Jessie wahaha...

Yes I am pregnant wahaha....
I looks pregnant with the gown lol
btw I was so dunno-what-to-do when I was there..
because everything was TOO FAST
lol I was supposed to pose for picture..
and I don't know how to...
As you can see...
there're distance between us lol
(the pictures will be sent to me next week I guess)

and fast LOL

I spotted Joe, Reu and Qiao...
haha Same pose..
I sincerely apologize for the blurness
because you guys were moving damn fast lol

Tada ! Indonesian proud..
Vincent Susanto
receiving the DHTB with Merit + Gold Medal

This is Jason my-used-to-be-classmate
having a speech on behalf of all of us...

Raise Me Up by DHTM student =)
nice song nice slide touching =)

Dismiss =)
wuaaaaahhhhh =)
and I have a good news at the end of this post =P
keep reading hihihi..

view from my seat

With Ms Daga =)

With Lovely Fams!

What I remembered was
there were fried rice and fried chicken
that's it I forgot the rest wahaha LOL
btw this is only 1 section...
There were about 6 more buffet section upstair!?

And here I am...

Ordering the Certificate Plaque

I ordered the 2nd one.. $90
(It takes abt a month for it to be done =) )

me+ my cert + gown + flower
= Marriage Graduate ! =P

dad mum !
US !
Thank you for waking up in the early morning..
came all the way from Indonesia just for ME

Even thought you were late...
Even thought it was a mess...
Even thought it was not perfect....
you're forgiven..
That's because of the flower and all the photos you took..
other're fired! wahaha =P
Thanks ptbf =P

with dear Kelly(VietBabe),
Ms Ng (Hottest mama =P )
Vincent susanto (Who looks good with his shiny gold medal)
and Shiyang (Who gave me his 2 tickets) thanks!

Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Mongolia, Indonesia

ok lah...
That's it for that god-damn-hot and busy day..
We're flying off with the plane behind haha...


6 roses..
I told him "The bouquet is so small "
He replied
"You want a sympathy stand is it?" (hua quan)

with my lovely flower inside my flight haha =P

The skirt I bought specially for my graduation
during lunch time at work! was not cheap okay! *hikz >.< A comfortable black vintage flowery blink heels
I bought specially for graduation too !

haha Big face Vs Small face
see! Angle is IMPORTANT lol

Cam whore with my small bq of roses =P
my eyes looks goddamn small with extension huh!
I removed it immediately when I reached home..
Yes I plugged it out one by one, myself!
hikz...poor lashes!

with pocici...

Gucci love roses
love as he almost ate one of the roses =_="

That's it for my graduation post..
Happy graduation everyone !

Yes the Good News!

Pictures explained =P



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