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24 May 2010

Dian Xiao Er with Family =)

So after Graduation,
I went back home to change my clothes..
Settle down!!?
NO of course NOT!
I was camwhoring with my flower..
Haha…the last time I received flowers was 4 years ago man!
Shingzz… =_=”
So I must take photos as much as I can…
Wahaha….btw this is the dress I bought online!!
Love to the maxxxxx !!

stupid pose lol

just like any other girl..

I don't know why he was beside me =P

After satisfying myself with those photos,
I immediately went to Harbour Front to meet my family…

Guess what?
My bro was in Singapore for abt 4 hours only…
Yes he was in Singapore for breakfast, my graduation
that’s it!

Haha He went back to Indonesia earlier as

he has classes to attend lol
So! Mum, Bro, Sis and I went to have our lunch at Vivo City.
I took them to dian xiao er.

Last time I went there was with ptbf bro’s
These were what we had..
The total of everything above was less than $100 which was reasonable..
But if it’s in Indonesia, $100 / Rp 600.000
I can have a birthday party for about 15pax liao..wahaha..

ten wonder duck
fish + carrot sauce

prawn w/ dragon fruit sauce !

After that, we walked around Vivo City…
And that’s it beh…!

ehya I just came back from the movie screening of

"Prince of Persia"


according to ptbf, that was the best movie he has watched in 2010 so far lol

It was an exciting, romantic and funny movie..

I am in love with price of Persia..

I love guys with muscle !

nice actor, pretty princess, GREAT story =)

I am so happy to watch even before it's release =P

thanks nuffnang!

It's coming soon 27 May ! =p


  1. I love the food from Dian xiao er! And I went for this movie too. Hehe! I seated at the first front row -__-


Thanks for your lovely comment!