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25 May 2010

Dad ♥ Me (w/ oldies picture)

Let me share about dad since I've blogged about mum

Dad pledged to buy a new phone for me..
and he did it !

click if you want to see my new phone post
After Blink Phone

And In fact, dad will fulfill anything that I WANT.
I don't know why...
but dad loves to buy a lot of things for me..!
He always asked me;
"do you want this? you want that?"

and I always replied "No need lah!"
- I have it
- My current gadget is still working
- Let's wait till the price drop
- Let me think first..
- etc etc


When I was a small lil girl!
I was extremely demanding!
I want anything/ everything!

When I asked my dad
"papi..I want that! buy it for me ok!"
dad was busy and he randomly replied
"hannnahh!! buy buy buy"
and I assumed he agreed!

After a few days..
ME! being a happy little girl asking Papi
"When will we go to buy that?"

Dad answered "aiyah! No need lah..
you have it!
or yours still can be used
or that's expensive!
or when did I said I want to buy that for you?"
and I went...


I used to cry, bang the door, smashing etc etc
and of course I've ever thought of leaving the house too...
hahaha..but never did it lo...
every time when I imagined if I left the house,
mum/dad will;
heart aching,
and then they will go around,
looking for me desperately
etc etc...haha...
and so my leave-lovely-house plan never success =P

(In fact I was afraid that I might not have enough money
to buy food after few days later =P)

Things changed!

When I was young,
I wished dad will buy many many things for me but he didn't!
and now dad wish that he can give me something but I refused it.
Haha...simply because I KNOW..!!
Money is not easy to earn...
=P (like I never waste money jiang~)

Again, In my opinion,
I think dad pampered me the most
(compare to my sis and bro)
haha I am the KING

was on board star cruise =P

and I think that's the reason why
they didn't want to look at the camera in the photos
hahahaha =P

haha I love this photo..
I was looking at daddy and smile =)

so why? why me?
because I looks EXACTLY like him?
maybe =P

I remembered, when dad and mum quarrel
Dad will always bring ME along and we'll go overseas haha!
yes not my bro not my sis but ME

Singapore, Sentosa
was the most common place he took me to..
I also remembered that
I used to always bought the orange flavored ice cream
when I was there...


With his hard earned money,
I am enjoying my life now.
I know he want to pamper me forever.
I know he love me =)

Let me end this post with my *still chio* pic 6 years ago!?

haha yes ME! =p
I am posting these photos because,
I am proud that I looks EXACTLY like him =P
thanks for the eyes dad =P

His birthday is coming soon..
Gonna give him something with


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  1. i looking back at my kiddo pics too =P

  2. you're getting prettier~~ hehehehe


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