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07 April 2010

What The Dinner !!

mi sua

crispy pork!

HAISH !!!!
Dinner these day were ALONE...
I am okay to have lunch alone but not DINNER
huh whatever...
I am SINGLE so what can I expect?

After work...
I went to somewhere..
near to my office..

bought a bowl of ban mien
sat at a corner..
and enjoy my ban mien...

I never expect to have such experience!
of course I've ever had my meal alone BUT
not in the public place..
I always have it SECRETLY at home...
yes I never EXPECT but well...too bad...

To kill my boredness.. I went shopping..
What do you expect?

go to salon and cut botak meh? huh...

But seriously THESE MADE MY DAY !!
HAHAHAHAHA $5 /piece...
I mean wth !!
thats really cheap...!!
usually we're not allowed to try on
the clothes that's on promotion...

we often see dresses and shirt selling at
$5-$10 even $29.90!!

but *No trying Sign is always there
but guess what? COTTON ON !!
$5 and you're allowed to try!

I found my self
2 cardigans and a tank dress
(A long length tank top that can be wore as dress)


and a heels I bought during lunch...
thats it bah ! =)

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