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23 April 2010

WAIT ! =(

So I am jobless now...
(stop laughing!)
yes...I have a job but
currently my job status is

last breakfast WAHAHAHA...

I went to cancel my student pass just now...
I have to cancel my student pass before the expiry date!
or else...I will be assumed as OVERSTAY
and I guess there are some penalty to it..
so no choice but to CANCEL
which mean that I have to STOP working...

Lunch before I went to ICA hoho...
I left office at 4 man! how cool my Friday is!

Thanks Leo for the mee Rebus =P

Dragon Fruit + Apple + Honey!
How nice the PINK is! omg!

SO !!
I'll be given a SOCIAL VISIT PASS
which allow me to stay in Singapore for 89 Days...
and I am going to collect it from ICA tmrw morning
(why must it be in the morning duh!)

My company has applied an S pass for me...
but it was just abt 2-3 days ago?
and SOoooo.....
I have to WAIT till it's approved (or rejected)
and I don't know when..hoho...
1 week? 2 week? a month? FOREVER?
I don't know... haha...

and as what I mentioned...
I want to further study...!!!!!

and this is something like a part time job...
for this 2-3 month only...
nah! So I am not confident that the pass will be approved..
but nvmd..stay positive ting!

just assume that I am having a short/long holiday lah~

will be a DECISION month...
I will know whether I am being accepted/rejected
by the univ that I applied earlier..

or worst case,
I have to postpone my further study plan

and find a JOB !
or maybe continue to work at the current company?

or find a Singaporean, get married and apply PR
that will be easier wahahahaa..!!

If you are a Singaporean and you are reading this...
send your application to
If you meet my requirement,
you'll be shortlisted for a date-interview

I seriously HAVE NO IDEA LO !
I hate the feeling of waiting! but NO CHOICE!

Student pass, Social visit pass, S pass, Employment pass...
can I have an Unlimited Holiday Pass instead?

Btw I went to City Square Mall w/ Medy and Mar !

We had our lunch at Pasta Stylo...
Today I tried their Balacan pasta...
It smells and tastes damn nice !!! =)

how romantic!

Late Night Sexy Tango

mushroom soup

lala pasta !
MINE !!!

you MUST TRY...
their chili crab and balacan pasta...
yummy yummy !!

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