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28 April 2010

Pepsi Party !

Holy cow !!
OK...The story starts from PIZZA HUT !!!
Wahaha Most of the time,
I will order a bottle of pepsi to come along with my order...
And then, I will freeze it in the freezer...
When It became frozen,
I will smash it on the floor...abt 3 times?
So I get Pepsi freezzzy ! (something as what 7-11 sells)

I never fail to do that...except this time !!!
When I opened it...
"It's party time!"
Wahaha It splashed over my kitchen...
And I spent some times to clean it...
God Bless Me..

Moral of the story...
Don't smash your pepsi 3 times on the floor...
2 times is good enough

These were what I ordered btw...

Love Cheeze !

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