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16 April 2010

O o O o OooFish !

Office I mean..ckck...
omg NOW I know whats *sai gang mean !!

omg...omg omg haha..
I stared at pc at least 7 hours a day !!!
It's fine...
But staring at computer doing boring stuff...


Hahaha actually I don't mind task
entering data, change name etc...
BUT not counting on how many e-mail you receive a day lo...
that's not only boring... my eyes hurt !!!
can you imagine me...

counting one two three...twenty..thirty...
again and again for 7 hours!?
thats xien! lol

Finally an Hour lunch ! I feel like saying
*Happy new year huh...

not too bad...
a minute entertainment...

Choosed to eat young tofu !

decided to take away it and have it in the office.... =)

I love the otah and mushroom !
total was almost $5
Apple Cranberry !

badge ! it looks super similar to transformer logo loh !
btw thats my desk..haha See Gucci there? =)

Reading material =)
happy happy happy

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