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27 April 2010

My Kitty Collection (Partially)

What I found from my cabinet?
@ Indonesia!

a Melody box !
with a lot of key chain etc inside... =)
a HUGE PINK bag !
with miscellaneous thingy inside =)
door knob, night lamp, lunch box, tooth brush, a small drawer, charmmy kitty mini cup etc etc

I love charmmy Kitty =) My exclusive collection.....
<== charmmy kitty pencil box..isn't gorgeous?
a dalmatian print kitty bag !

want some candy? =)

I used to be an active Hello Kitty online shop owner...
But due to my packed schedule...
I gave up..and the stocks left became my collection...
Well before this, I AM A COLLECTOR...
and I love to buy stuff in multiple quantity...
that was the reason why I thought about selling it away..
I am still collecting those stuff...
But too bad...
I don't see any new collection of hello kitty stuff nowadays..
I'll show you what I have in my Cabinet in Singapore...
on my next post....
stay tune!


  1. Is it something surprising or still hello kitty again?

  2. hmph...I am so sorry but I don't get what you mean..hmph..what is suprising?

  3. Haha, i mean if ur cabinet has something we don't normally have.


Thanks for your lovely comment!