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13 April 2010

Mini Holiday Disaster

So I went back to BATAM on last weekend...
and I miss mama's cooking !!
It was simple but Damn delicious, healthy and yummy !!
I don't know why...but it just tastes different with the
"mixed veg rice" sold in Singapore...
the rice, veg everything tasted different lol

I finished it all !
hahahaha omg I want to eat that again NOW !!

On last Saturday...
I went to Ray Deux to transform my hair...and.....

the beginning of the disaster !

hahaha at first, I planned to ONLY STRAIGHTEN my hair...

and the hair stylish asked if I want to cut BANGS!?

I replied "OK LOH"

AND........I know my face is ROUND to the max !
hahaha everyone is laughing at me now...
my fringe was god damn STRAIGHT !!
I can't even forced it to the side HIKS !!!

Little Mr. Merzy was waiting for dinner hahaha...

simple simple sweet !!! haha...
hm...6 of us? or 7 I forgot....
my 2 little cousins stayed with us temporarily...

SUNDAY !!! went to the church...

was damn proud..

dad wasn't out there to translate but to preach the gospel

dad was the driver of the day ckck

where's the leaves?
Went to VILLA !
to buy some banana cake for colleagues !

original, cheese, black forest, chocolate

Rp 35.000/box

Then we went to La Costa for lunch !

strawberry orange !

chicken cordon bleu
beef cordon bleu !

hikz before I left !
bye little merzy !

He knew I am back..

and he barked in front of my door every morning..

how cute right!

I will miss you...Merzy !

Muach !

I will miss all of you !


How's my new hair? hahaha....

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