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02 April 2010


Have been staying at home since yesterday! yawn! I just woke up...time now is 12.07pm wahaha...I was working till quite late last Wednesday. Arrived home at almost 10.30pm. My task at work is quite HEAVY but EASY. Simply key in data base, cross referencing etc etc. Not difficult but TIRING. I even had my lunch at the office that day! Haha luckily I brought some breads with me..on Monday I had my lunch alone! how sad! I've been staring at my computer since I started working. I guess I'd need a spec SOON! phew phew.. Working is not difficult but tiring ! Study is difficult and also tiring! haha..whatever lo!

I've received an Invitation to XX symposium. Only 300 participants were being selected. I am one of them! =) I'll go! haha...there's a lucky draw and the prize is Canon S90 !
So why not? haha...actually I want to make friends during, hopefully ! I'll be there alone! sigh! I can't bring friends with me simply because this event is over-subscribe! huh! Let's hope that everything will be fine tmrw! btw the dress code is CASUAL SMART omg! what to wear? LOL!

ehya! readers! If you're going ! and you're also alone..Can I go together with you? I just don't want to be alone =) leave comment if you're willing to go with me =) let's go together!

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