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01 April 2010

Graduation Ceremony Invitation!

Gucci says "mummy there's a letter for you! ow ow (barking)"

He asked "Is that from pet shop korkor?
about the new flavour snack?" hahaha...

momy said "lemme see"
"No baby! It's for momy!
it's about momy's graduation ceremony!
yohooo momy is graduating!
But too bad there are only 2 tickets.."

He shouted "I want to go I want to go !"
I said
"Momy will bring you there if you poo at the right place this week!"

btw If you are reading this, and you've extra ticket,
can I have it? =(
I want to invite my parents and bf! =)

omg! I've to diet for my graduation HUFF !!
Yes I only diet when there's special occasion
haha..otherwise..I am FREE to EAT ! roar!

I know...diploma is NOT A BIG DEAL
but...I still want my parents and BF to come!
hahaha =) hellow!?
my daddy contributed almost 40K per year for me to be here in SGP
and I think mum did gave me her own saving too..
14K for school fees, books, uniforms, etc
15K for accommodation
3K for food
2K for misc (phone bill, transport etc)
and the rest are some
Unpredictable amount of money for SHOPPING haha...

how can they missed my graduation ceremony?
hahahahahaha =P

and to invite my bf is purely to be my photographer and
to entertain my dad and mum only

haha can I wear sexy dress =X

OMG! reporting time 8.30! wodemaya!
I am thinking abt how to invite my parent here
if it's THAT early huff..
they need time to travel from INDO to SGP
ME myself don't even know if I can be THERE on time huff huff..

LOL Rent or Buy? aiyoh!

Do I tie up my hair or let it down...
Do I wear heels or Cover shoes...
I need to buy this this that that I think...
OMG! I can't wait to be BUSY =)

How I hope I can bring Gucci with me !
muah! ♥

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