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30 April 2010

Down to Orchard on the weekday!

Yay! so two days ago...
I went to Mount Elizabeth medical center to check up.
It was a rainy day !

I was being FORCE to go there. wahaha.. Mum has been calling me since last week to remind me to go! and I kept postponed it. Till that day, mum threaten, If I didn't go there that day, mum will specially come down to Singapore tomorrow to take me there. hahaha...I know mum loves me! but I hate to eat medicine =x I've mentioned abt this A LOT! But again..I am repeating skin is very sensitive and naughty ! wahaha..I hate it! Lemme count...

Dr. Seah - Johor Bahru
same medicine as Mt. Elizabeth

Dr.Da - Batam
I love to have my facial there. I love their mask too. But as what people said, you have to addicted to her medicine to stay pretty..and for's hard ! huahuaa..I don't like I hide all my medicine and pretend that I've had those in front of mum wahaha.. And there's something that I don't like! I can only make a reservation on the day! start from 9-10? I forgot..and when you called at abt 11..It's usually fully booked..I can't wake up so early lah!

Mt.Elizabeth - CT LEE SKIN

Haiz...always roaccutane! fyi, it's rather a strong type of medicine. Because, you can't get pregnant during these period (this is not my problem haha! Indosui if you're reading this..don't judge me =P) I was being told that If you're pregnant during the process your baby will suffer/ paralyzed / become idiot ( Something like that I guess) haha.. see! how scary this medicine is..You will also need to avoid vit A, to prevent overdose. BUT ! The medicine is effective! you'll see the result in a month...what I don't like the most abt roaccutane is...It will REALLY DRIED your skin...which is GOOD and BAD.Your face will be less oily. But for me, as I have sensitive skin will get dry up and red! shingz! It will lead me to itchiness. Not really on my face..but my hand and leg. Which is another problem ting! huh.You need to apply tons of moisturizer on your skin and lip as it get's really really dry ! and it's expensive =(

I just Googled and I found these...

Are there additional side effects that may occur while taking Accutane?

Additional side effects of Accutane include:

  • Acne flare-ups
  • Severe skin dryness, especially on the lips, nostrils, genitals, and eyes
  • Hair thinning
  • Thinning of the skin, making bruising and cuts more likely and slower to heal
  • Eczema
  • Fatigue
  • Brittle nails
  • Increased sensitivity to sunlight
  • Menstrual problems, including irregular or heavier period
  • Gastrointestinal problems, including diarrhea
  • Muscle pain
  • Skin conditions and infections, including impetigo, paronychia, and pyogenic granuloma
See how scary !

but, it's really effective...
If you want to have a full recovery..
you need to consume the medicine for about 6 month period..

And the cleanser given to me was Cetaphil for oily skin. I find it GOOD. But too bad, you'll need to buy it from them, as pharmacy didn't sell it to the public. There are cleanser! but not for oily skin. You can find it at Watson.

Dr. Juliana- Batam
No comment

Punggol Clinic
I am going there to get the cream for my It shows some improvement =)

A doctor at Jodoh - Batam
Dad found it not hygiene. Coz the doctor didn't wash his hand after examining other patient's wound. How gross!

Somewhere at Chai Chee Road - Singapore
It was good I was recovering but after I stop consuming the medicine it start to have problem again..

Somewhere in Batam
It was dad's friend..I went there to check, was given medicine. Dad pays extra money BUT I never use or eat the medicine wahaha =P Simply because in my opinion, he's just a general doctor. I don't think he can cure my problem =P

OMG! Almost 10 Doctors...and I am still looking for doctor..FIUH! Waste of money! Mum will be very enthusiastic when she heard "There's a VERY GOOD doctor there there there..." How enthu? She will usually bring me to THAT doctor the day after she heard that..fml!

So actually, What's my problem?
Acne on my face well..for me that's still curable... I mean it only takes short term period to heal... And you'll not see me with my pimple because it's MAGIC! wahaha...make up lar!

My actual major problem is my sensitive skin..It's just very'll get itchiness RANDOMLY which is IRRITATING. Sometimes on your had, leg, back or wherever and whenever. I'll get the itchiness when I am too cool or too hot. When I rub my hand on the table
(imagine when I used mouse nah!)

When I cleaned my house..
I guess it was because of the dust.

When I over shopped =P *Happily itchy wahaha!
Imagine me! carrying tons of plastic bags on my hand / wrist.

It will get really swollen and itchy! huh..
even when I sleep! Can you imagine in the middle of the night huh! I almost chopped off the itchy part lol

And another problem is on my arm! My arm were filled with dot dot dot. I don't know what's that. Some people called it pimple. But according to the doctors
(Dr. Da, Mount Eliz, Punggol Clinic)

it's keratosis pilaris
(sounds like high class disease) wahaha!

It was cause by the blockage of the dead skin and oil.
and this is the reason why
you'll never see me with sleeveless top =P
And I was being told by
most of the doctor that I've visited.
some of them even said
"IT CAN'T BE CURE" (suicide)

Whatever..stay positive!
The last option is to go KOREA and
get some skin transplant or whatever! haha...

the part time bf
tada! another set of rubbish huh!

So! After from Mt.Eliz, We went to Wisma Atria! I went to STARBUCKS! I was there to redeem my coffee!! And dissapointed! I was only able to redeem their coffee of the day huh! so after slurp for abt 5 times I throw it away wahaha...and we went to Din Tai Fung to have some dim sums...dim sum was on me that day! =P

Drunken Chicken was $6-7 only !
it was listed under side dishes..and I wonder WHY!?
and so, I found out that the chicken is COLD.
And the sauce below is liqueur !
Now I know what's druken chicken mean!
and I don't like it wekk...

I love their LONGAN and RED DATES drink!
You have to order this!
the Best longan drink I've ever had!
wahaha they blend the longan and the dates together
and it became something like longan red dates blender!
and it really tasted NICE !

Fried wonton love !!!
I love wonton with thin layer of dumping skin...The flour..
and this is just nice..with packed filling..

The dim sum were mostly made on the spot..
there were abt 10 people squeezed in there!

I love xiao long bao !

But I found the dumpling skin was quite thick..
which I don't really like..

but overall it's okay!
worth to try!

And Then, we went to Taka to walk around.
and we did pass by cotton on!
Because there were more choices and..
The $ 5, $ 10 , $15 SALE is till ON ! =)
and I bought myself THIS!!

A shorts! at $10 omg I love the flower and the satin waist..

Then we moved to Sim Lim.
As he was looking for charger for his laptop.
and finally found it.
Original HP Charger which cost him $100
thats it beh!


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