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03 April 2010

Blogger Symposium 2010

Yay ! So I attended the blogger symposium at SMU! I met some new friends, May and Ashley..They're nice! haha..We had a good time =) I met Xiaxue for the third time today. She looks not much different fr photos (seriously).. She's cute especially when she walk haha..and I love her nail ! you can still see her nail BLINK even you're 4-5meters away (I am serious!) ok anywae...I was almost late duh! I spent 10 bucks for taxi fare which is equal to a dress from Bugis !!! hikz..on the way to SMU, I was even LOST huahua...that was the moment when I met Ashley as we were LOST together haha... the taxi's driver fault =(

Tada a photoshoot of me with Ashley !
wahaha we look dumb lol

was quite crowded...

Total of abt 300 attendant
60 attendant for each blogger (I think so)
Total of 5 blogger
They were......
Blogger Queen, Xiaxue,
Belluspuera, the owner of Bonito Chico,
Mycherrymagazine, the fashionista from the Blogosphere
Parenting skills with Oureverydaythings
find out new makan places from Ieatishootipost

So before the workshop sessions we had a tea break!
Everything were YUMMY! Haha I was starving LOL!
There were DESSERT too!
but as it was crowded, I finished everything FAST!
haha don't even have time to take picture of the dessert hoho...

lecture slide..hahaha...btw I like the quote
"Lie to the world that you are gorgeous! haha..."

XX took photo of another famous msia blogger, Kenny!
haha hilarious!

Tadaaaaa !! How good xiaxue photoshop skill is!
kenny became chio! LOL
I want to download lashes icon!
I want I want I want!!!

with Xx

wrap up session! duh I didn't won the lucky draw...
Canon s90 ler!

May and I
I decided to tie up my hair because it was damn messy huh!

Freebies from Canon! =)

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  1. alo eh orang indo y?? hehehe salam kenal y !! GBu


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