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28 April 2010

$118/ day to be in Singapore !

OMG !!! To stay in Singapore for 2 years is
huh ! I just summarized all my expenses...
and I am SHOCK to find out that
I've spent the total of

S$ 84,703
for these 2 years...


From the number of 84,703,
Let's divide it by 24 month (2 years)

84,703 / 24 month
= 3,530/ month

3,530 / 30 days
= 118/ day

Holy Cow!
That's mean,
I've been spending the amount of
$118/day to stay in Singapore
wala wala wala....

It might be a small amount of money for others..
But for me...
Omg! 85k leh...

how to earn back those money?

I've to find a job with approx S$3530 salary...
which is IMPOSSIBLE with my current status...

Even thought If I can get a 3.5k job,
It will takes about 4 years to earn back lo...
1,250 (50%) for surviving (rental food etc..)
1,250 (50%) for saving..

Anyway...think twice...
I might spent much lesser IF I...

1. stay in a HDB far far away from the city
YES! I will try as hard as I can to stay in a HDB instead of a Condo Because, I rarely used their facilities fiuh! It's just that.. Meeting better people, Nearer to the MRT, Safer, Better garden/ grass for Gucci to run on it LOL, etc..

2. Use Pantene/ Sunsilk instead of TheBodyShop Shampoo
No please...T-T I only used TBS shampoo...
Other brand made my scalp itchy... =(

3. No need to make up
I can't full stop.

4. No existence of Gucci
Gucci spent at least $100/month

5. Eat only at the FOOD COURT !
Eat nasi lemak or mee pok everyday...!?
No juices, Yogurt Ice cream, Mcd, Kfc, Pizza Hut

6. SAY NO TO TAXI !! Only travel by MRT/ BUS or maybe Bicycle..
But the problem is I don't know how to use a bicycle =) If I know how to use it, it would save me A LOT OF MONEY man....!!
Anyway, Taxi is another BIG FACTOR.. It can cost you abt 10-20 bucks per trip..I'd rather absent / late for a class than paying 20 bucks for a trip (except exam, meeting VIP or those DIE DIE cannot late class hoho...)

7. Go back to Indonesia only twice a year
PS: Beside only twice a year... I've to go back WITHOUT bringing anything for mum sis bro dad or even little merzy

8. Strictly $100 Shopping Allowance per month
I didn't buy much branded... I just spent too much money on $10 $15 stuff =( Bugis street fault!

How do I know how much I spent in a month
and also the total of 2 years expenses?

I WROTE DOWN everything


I have a book that I used to note down everything I spent...
My parent didn't ask me to do that.

Keep receipts for easy reference...

That's my idea! Reasons;

I want to know How much I spent per month..
I want to know Where my money goes..
I want to know What do I spent the most?
(food/ shopping etc)
I want to keep myself updated.
It prevent my money from losing mysteriously
(Because sometimes...
people don't know where their money goes..
Even they lost it they weren't aware of it.)

I want to know those..
so I can control my spending fail

I just design a form which I called it the
*Expenses Form
I've not try to use it..
But I think It should be working...
If you find it useful...
feel free to print it out and use it =)
Or maybe came with your very own version
and share it with me =P

Click to Enlarge

As you can see...
I live well , eat well and play well
during these few years...
I never starve or even didn't get to buy things that I want..
They always give me MORE than Enough !!

who's willing to share and invest their money on ME

SO !!
How much have you parent invested on you?
Am I really a spendthrift-er?
over spent?

Or Maybe...
It's Normal to spend such amount to stay in Singapore?
shout it out =)

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