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16 March 2010

When in Rome !

what will I want to find out from him? firstly I don't want to know how much money he has in his bank..! Seriously i don't need that! But apparently he shows me a lot on his wealthiness..what I want to know is how much love he's willing to deposit into my, game, friends or ME? I want some sweetness from him..NOT MONEY!! he always said that romantic love is drama! I partially agree with it..But without some sweetness a relationship will get bored! Romantic is not equal to MONEY ! when I said..I want him to be a Romantic guy! He will answer "what do you want?I'll pay for it" Wtf..he always assumed that material stuff (flower,gifts etc) means romantic! Duh..yah honestly I did appreciated those things..those does made me happy, it might be romantic for other girl but for me that's not ! I want L0VE from your heart not L0VE from your money! Hikz..

E.g :
How to make me smile !

A = give me money $2000! go and buy a branded bag myself
cost $2000 = love 0

B = When I wake up in the morning there's a note on the table, outside my door, toilet or wherever..that simply says
" I love you" ok maybe "How are you" is enough lol
cost $0.10? = love more than 2000

Omg! That's 2 different things lor! So my next question to him is..
"Are you that person? someone who can makes me smile without money?"

He used to know how to make me smile..but it was 4 years ago! Tmd..haha..

Lemme share some stories..

ups! before that, fyi, we have been sitting together for 3 years during high school. It was before we got together.. haha..we got together on the last year , when we almost graduate from high school...

We used to chat through a PIECE of PAPER during high school.. He used to slip some notes with sweet words somewhere on my book,bag etc.. (I did saved everything in an album but its not with me now..) He wrote a note saying S0RRY when he made me sad. That's god damn! sweeter than an LV bag lo! Hikz

Another story.
We went to a mall with some friends..we skipped class! ( that's common! during high school..) I saw a ring and I fell in love with..but I didn't buy it because the price was too! after we're done..we went to the car park and were ready to go.. BUT suddenly he said he wanted to buy something so we waited for him in his car..after he has done, we went back to school..then during the classes he secretly passed the ring to me.. Omg! I didn't know that he noticed that. How sweet rite.. 4 years ago Lo!

Okay! Again 4 years ago..-_-" on the first year we got together..I received 3 times of flower
1. 33 red roses on my birthday
2. 9 roses on the valentine day
3. 3 roses to surprise me
4. No flower for 4 years

yeap ok that's my problem..coz I've ever told him that I don't like flower because its useless..haha.. But can't he surprises me with something that I don't like once again? =p

bday flower 4 years ago..
vday flower 4 years ago!

another pic missing =_="

When in Rome

An ambitious young New Yorker (KRISTEN BELL), disillusioned with romance, takes a whirlwind trip to Rome where she defiantly plucks magic coins from a fountain of love, inexplicably igniting the passion of those who threw them in: a sausage magnate (DANNY DEVITO), a street magician (JON HEDER), an adoring painter (WILL ARNETT) and a self-admiring model (DAX SHEPARD). But when a charming reporter (JOSH DUHAMEL) pursues her with equal zest, how will she know if his love is the real thing?

In my opinion, the magician will be the one for Beth ! haha the reason are simple !
1. A magician can use his magic and gives Beth a garden of flower !
2. A magician can use his magic and surprises Beth everyday! (I love surprise. I guess Beth likes it too =P )
3. A magician can use his magic and makes Beth simply fall in love with him =)

overall to have a magician boyfriend will be
very FUN ! =P

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