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08 March 2010

Tom Yum ala Rene

yay ! I love my long nail....
and I did something to it....
haha looks so ah lian....

the actual nail wasn't this bad..
because the glitter in the picture
looks dirty ckcck..

hauhaua yay! I cooked tom yum yesterday !
and I finished it all myself...
huhuhu..was almost died because I was too full...!! tmd...

ingredients =)
Meatball - mushroom
my fav golden mushroom !
crab meat

abalone ! =)

and for the soup,
I use knorr- tom yum cubes as a base soup...
and the tom yum paste by Asian Home Gourmet =)
you can find it from fair price =)

1st time handling abalone...
I hand nails look poisoning! haha =P

I called my mum...
mummy !! any part of abalone that I can't eat it? can eat all the part,
you can eat it as a whole too...LOL

So simple...
just put everything together..hahaha...
rene's recipe =P

love love !! the mushroom ball and mushroom were fab !!
haha the soup was too full =P

Taste? Nice of course ! tastes great..
I love the soup and everything..haha...

his very own spaghetti

He can't eat spicy food...and I loveeee spicy food...
When he feels cool , I feel hot !!
He only can study when the music is ON ,
while I need SILENCE when I study...
He hates promotion and I love promotion
He thinks that expensive stuff is the best,
while I thinks that the cheaper the better...
He thinks that money is easy to earn while
I thinks we need much hardworking to earn money..
He is a spontaneous person, I need to Plan for everything !

we're simply 2 different person... =P
but both of us love Gucci =)

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