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27 March 2010


I am super hyper whateper STRESS !! hiks...I am so so so confuse about pros and cons of WORK and STUDY huh..ok basically, I was being offered a JOB ! that's a good news...BUT I was hesitating !
"so do I want to work full time or?"
"I don't want to give up my plan of further study".
so what do you want? T-T
I am xiao liao lor...talking to myself every night..phew...

What's good about

1. Of course experiences ! I'll gain more experiences and my univ life will be easier !

2. I'd be a permanent residence of Singapore (if), and university tuition fee will be much cheaper lo! lucky if company want to sponsor wahaha...

3. SALARY ! I mean self income ler...isn't cool?

4. Opportunity ! It's NOT NOT NOT easy to find job in Singapore...especially if you're a FOREIGNER ! whuahuaa mountain of paperwork, application etc etc to be done before you can start working HUH!

5. Honestly I prefer to WORK because no project no homework, no need to listen to lecture and most importantly no EXAM =P

Then why do you want to FURTHER STUDY?

1. I want to graduate as a DEGREE student ASAP!

2. Salary after I've a degree supposed to be higher..

3. I'm not confident lo..I don't think with my current skills and knowledge I can have a good salary and I have to confidence to perform well. I need more knowledge please =)

(I guess dad will be happy if he heard this..NO! he'll say "come I'll give you the knowledge" haha he'll ask me to go back and help him with his business *runnnn (btw I miss you,papa!) =P)

4. I want to enjoy life lor...I mean there's always a LONG school holiday! and also student price HAHAHA !!

5. I want to know more friends ! networking first =P

6. I don't know lar!

aiyohh!! What should I do now? anywae! this company is the best of ALL simply because they're SO UNDERSTANDING ! hohoho...they knew my situation better than anyone lo and they allowed me to do part time for these 3 months! yahoo !! In the meantime, I'll be applying my university.. so while waiting for the result ,I'll be a part-time staff, then If I am accepted by the Univ, I'll stop working after 3 month..If (choy choy) I am being rejected, they will consider me as a full-time staff (wala! isn't it cool?) I am holding an opportunity while pursuing my dream haha !! but I don't know why I am still so stress now =( I''ll start to work from Monday! =) let's see...!

ok lah felt more relax after writing this blog.. haha I've expressed my opinion, my thoughts and my stressfulness. here haha kindly drop some comments if you've a better suggestion =)

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