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18 March 2010

Shopping !

Finally I stepped out from the house yesterday! wahaha...went to shop with Cynn and Henny...and yesterday was totally a BAD HAIR DAY! wahaha.. maybe because I've been staying at home almost a week! and I always bun up my hair whenever I am at home...anyway since last time I cut my hair, it was not straight anymore...ok so ! we met at Bugis, and our day started from TAKING some pictures wohoho! =)

The print out picture is not with me now..hehe..

Then we went to have our lunch at Waraku, Iluma..

I love my olio chicken set $6.90
and I added on a glass of peach soda =) $2.00
But the service staff was seriously very kopitiam standard huh...
he ordered our food without
expression recommendation and whatever tion..
and my glass of peach soda was still very wet..haiz..
whatever la..
this was how an Indonesian had her pasta !

Then we moved on to Bugis street...
fell in love with some dresses BUT !

do I need to tell you the problem?
self explanatory

love this...but !
not that I looks fat with this dress
but I am FAT!

then we had some juices =)

yay pink city hall !!
what's in my shopping bag?

tada! some dresses I bought =D
we moved on to Far east plaza
and continued to waste our money haha...

tadaaa! so nice rite =P
btw the background was gucci's fur ckck...

Then on my way home, I noticed photo booth!
so I tried to take picture...
as I need it to submit to univ application etc...

it was quite fun...
nobody touched my hair
asked me to move left a bit right a bit
no one asked me to smile and CLICK!

it allows you to take 2 times and choose one at the end =)
$6 for 4 photos.. lame! but see that? white stain?
I called to their hot line and asked what's happening..
they said, it's because there's stain on the glass..
and they promised to refund me my $12 back...

Then I bought some snacks home from 7-11

and I found this....
cadbury creme egg ! haha...

egg! haha =P

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