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15 March 2010

Rene's Night Life

Clubbing you mean? NO NO NO.. I am allergic to alcohol.... I mean my night life ! harllow!? night life! Sex? NO NO NO.. something better than sex... omgwth!? what's that? hahaha my night life is all about pampering myself haha not funny lol as you know, I've transformed from a normal human to an OWL !! huh... my life at nights is more meaningful now What did I actually do in the middle of e night? =P

After giving sumptuous meal to Gucci at about 10/ 11 pm, I will take an hour of bath ! yay..haha sometimes more than an hour ha!

I'll scrubbed my body w/ PAPAYA body scrub &
my foot w/ PEPPERMINT foot scrub,
showered w/ SHEA shower cream,
shampooed w/ ICE BLUE shampoo,
followed by HONEY conditioner,
then SATSUMA body lotion,
WHITE MUSK hand&nail cream,
sprayed my bed with DEEP SLEEP PILLOW MIST
(All product mentioned above are all by TheBodyShop =) recently my face is pimplish ! fml!
after I squeezed out all the irritating pimpim.. =(
my face will be swollen and red !
So I need cooling effect mask to minimize all the pores..
usually I used Tea Tree Oil Mask by the body shop
but recently I tried this beauty diary- COOLING MASK !
2 sheets per pack was selling at less than $5
bought it from Guardian!

I will rate the cooling effect 8/10
some masks named themselves as a cooling mask, but never cool de lor...sometimes it's even itchy (ok myb it's also because that I have a sensitive skin) But this one is acceptable..

Then guess what's next?


haha....xiao ca bo!

actually this happened to me after I watched this video !!

HAHA...So after watching I thought...
how can it be so I give it a try!
I used up all my pins and it was not enough..
so some parts I tied it with hair band
and so this is the result !

and it really works ha!
I just leave it for less than 15mins neh!
btw my robe cute right was $7 only!

curly isn't?
btw I blink my nail with O2 Skin nail polish that I bought years ago haha..

and I simply love it ! =)

I was on my pink robe and Gucci was with his pink towel !

I was blow drying him...
with my Hello Kitty hair dryer sometimes ago... =)

that's it for todayyayayayaya !

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