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21 March 2010

Rene's Good Hair Day !

Today is a GOOD HAIR DAY! love love love...
I took my bath at 2 am yesterday ! and guess what?
while my hair was still wet I decided to curl my hair using hairpin again!
view this blog if you missed the post click here
and this time round, I leave it overnight..and tadaaa !!!
Curl Wavy Hair without heat !! It is the BEST =)

Decided to camwhore more =PYou like it?

Rare full body picture of ME

wahahahahaha !! Look at Gucci's expression!

with Gucci
I cropped myself out of the photo =P
haha his papa was asking him "mao jalan jalan?"
and this was his expression =P

mao jalan" ! haha...
I changed to black cardigan !
haha wu liao...

otw to City Square Mall to buy FOOD =D
Magical toy's world !
was quite crowded ha! sunday mah!

Magical gor" and ce"..

Super Woman shop! Selling things that are featured in Nu Ren Wo Zui Da!

Gong Cha! New Bubble Tea Shop!
bought this gong cha haha...

his alisan tea gong cha + pearl
and my....
purple plum tea with jelly wahaha !!
I love purple I love plum and I love the tea =)

decided to buy SALMON + BEEF set =)
nyam !

bought a cake !

black forest, his favorite

cake $12.80
food $12.50
drink 5.20

I spent total of $ 30.50

ok lah that's it...
am watching Manchester united Vs Liverpool now =)

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