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04 March 2010

Random !! (Gifts from Korean, Branded Mineral water, Foods, Pokemon , Mcd new Hot and Spicy Shaker fries !!! )

Basically, this post will shows you some random photos on my phone ! Yes I don't like to store photos ! As soon as I've posted or uploaded my photo somewhere, I'll immediately delete all the photos =) and now, I am gonna post it and delete it =)

So..This was what dad bought for me when he went to Korea sometime ago.. hauhuaa he knew what I need =P He bought 2 set of couple pen and GINSENG mask !! hauhau have not try it simply because, my skin is sensitive nao T-T bought this mineral water...

it looks high class isn't...
taste? a lil different lor...
smoother..!?? I think so..

Next...some foods !

Instant claypot rice !! the rice was quite hard lol

again pu tien delivery !
I am so in love with their salted egg tiger prawn !
their seaweed tofu soup was fab !
and of course their signature fried rice =)


Next will be about Happy meal !

yay cute little duck - Pet Shop ! =)

and Pokemon =)

and McDonald !!
they offered hot and spicy shaker !! OMG !!

am going to try it NOW =)

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