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11 March 2010

New heels !!! Shokudo dinner !!

So ! I went to Bugis yesterday! and guess what? I didn't bring any cash with me (just coins) and didn't bring my card with me too.. wth! so..I just browsing around... and I was suffering as I wanted to buy a lot of things !! deep inside I was screaming "I want this I want that !!!" huhuhu....

otw in the Taxi wif bb

I want this !!!

After browsing around I bought myself a cup of plum juice and chicken cheezy ball... that was my 3 !! phew...

Then I went to BHG and saw this pair of Heels !! OMG ! finally the price has dropped ! I remembered it was about almost $60 and guess how much I get it? $29.90 !!! I tried very hard to dig my wallet and I found a nets card with some money inside...*ting ! guess how much is that SOME money? $29.80 !! wth lack of10 cent !! Luckily I can still buy it by paying $25.oo by card and $4.90 by cash (coins!) phew...see how poor am I mwuahaha...

super light !
I love Americaya heels they're HIGH enough =)

bought this shoe cushion sometimes ago was $10

Then after 4 hours of walking ! yes I was waiting for bf to finish his class... was from 2-6 !! we met at Shokudo ! I never realize that I have their membership haha..!! ok so these were what we ordered...that was finally a proper meal which sum up my breakfast, lunch and dinner..haha...

Chicken Teriyaki Thin Crust Pizza

takoyaki !

My strawberry yogurt smoothies..

tomorokoshi shiratama zenzai
was too much for 2 ! =)

tadaaa !! hahaha..funny hor.. =P

nice rite !

as you can see...we didn't order much..and I am hungry now !!
time now is 05.12 am!! I can order breakfast liaoooo.....

Breakfast + exciting man u VS ac milan match !

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