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01 March 2010

Natas Fair 26-28 February 2010

Huam...I am superly TIRED ! ok that's my language lol..haha yes I know.."My English sucks!" haha anw please bear with me..I am still learning =P So ! I have been traveling to Expo these 3 days..was for my part-time job, Natas Fair.. simply because the pay is attractive.. at will be enough for me to shop for something =)

book your HAPPINESS !!

There was an admission fee of $ 4 and I thought not so many people will be willing to pay to go in.. and I was wrong.... Tadaaaaaa !! The crowd at 8.45 am ! hellaww !! Natas fair starts at 10 !! please don't come so early ler..haha.. =P

I am so in love with this tag ! pink pink pink !!!!
PINK for 26 Feb
ORANGE for 27 Feb
BLUE for 28 Feb
if I am not wrong..

So it was quite crowded but still controllable ! This is the booth of the company that I was working for..and well I'll say that the design of the booth was quite high class and it was spacious!

They offered Free popcorn and also
Free instant photo w/ the background of carousel !!

lunch day 1 ~

what's that?
omg! cupcakes !
hihihi during lunch break
want ?

lunch day 2
dinner day 2

this couple were having breakfast
=P *Together!
this picture was taken on the third day

lunch day 3

dinner day 3

mini donut?

japan anyone?
universal studio japan !


"Seriously ! Do I looks like a foreigner?"

haha 5 out of 10 guests said that I don't *look like Singaporean.. (not because of my accent okay! In fact I do speak like Singaporean lol. One of RCI new staff did mentioned about that too huh!)

I don't know why but some of them just randomly asked me, where do I come from? ehemph! ok la I just wanted to point out that some aunties did said that I looks pretty..ha ha ha ha ha !! ok thick face, hao lien, ge-er, em cai bai, they just wanted to make me happy, whatever =P at least it makes my day hahaha.. but tamade reu and joe said I am fatter...whatever lo.. QL commented that I looks like children with bangs...ok this is okay..!! I assumed she mean cute hahahaha kidding..!!

God did blessed me! I didn't make any mistakes so far.. Did sell some packages... to Alaska, Asia and etc. Was very passive.. Because it has been months that I didn't touch and kiss the booking system. And fortunately after 3 days, I am still alive ! hwuahua.. imagine.. I've to wake up at 7 , done at 8, arrived expo at 9 ,work till abt 9 everyday ! was abt 10 hours of standing time man ! fml! we were given only an hour of resting time, 30mins lunch break and 30mins dinner break
Finally home !!
Spent almost hundreds to buy Gucci's food and snacks

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