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27 March 2010

Mum, Sis, My 3D2N Shopping trips =P

So my blog starts from last Wednesday !
Surprisingly I went back to................

wait ! Is that for me? hahaha....

ok ok nah from this picture do you know where did I go on last Wednesday? huahuaa...U guess okay =P if you really want to find out...try to search my older blog post one by one haha.. =P It was a super stress day..haha Guess what? I was so stress that I went to many places without knowing the direction, I don't know where I want to go lol...I was walking and thinking walking and thinking... this is my pathetic dinner on that day...wahaha....we can't finish it at the end...but it's really nice lo...10000000 times better than MCDONALD !

His ice kachang durian !
My fruit sago love !

Then..on the next day,
Thursday MUM and SIS came !!!
I was so happy =P
They came to my house
and we went out for lunch at City Square Mall !
(btw their first reaction when they entered my house
were "OH MY GOD" haha it was so so so messy...
almost 1meter height of clothes were sitting at the corner
waiting for me to iron them =P)

we had it at ISHI MURA !

I forgot what's the name

mum's favorite, saba ! and see that? mango lemon tea !

fried salmon skin !

Then we headed to napier road as sis planned to see doctor..we went to Gleneagles Medical center..we were so FULL that we decided to travel by MRT and BUS since they almost never experience it..haha I taught my sis how to travel by BUS that day lol...

ehem...while waiting for sis and mum..
sorry lo I took photo everywhere I go =P
huahua...Doctor really earn easy money ha!
10mins consultant $180
and doctor wasted our time
by asking unnecessary questions
what course are you taking?
how much is the tuition fee? bla bla bla -_-"
at the end even offer us to ask question...
want to know more about this that? bla bla bla...
total for consultation and checking
(WITHOUT medicine)
was abt $379
*clap *clap *clap

So after from there, we went to Far East Plaza (yes Singapore only have Bugis and Orchard) haha..I forgot what I bought...will try to recall and update on the next post =P mum and sis bought a lot of clothes heels food etc ! It's really cool that 3 of us have the same hobby SHOPPING haha...mum and sis always share clothes and heels lo...I can't..simply too fat ! haha.. =P I should do a SERIOUS DIET loh ! *haiz shuan le bah !

we decided to have wonton noodle @ FarEastPlaza before going home and yes they were staying over at my place ! wahaha poor mum and sis ! they can't sleep well coz Gucci keep disturbing them...Gucci always sleep with me on my bed...and he loves to kiss kiss...and he keep kissing mum and sis haha...sorry!

Next day, Friday! we went to City Square, Kopitiam to have our Breakfast !

The view we had while having breakfast.....=)
Toilet ! sorry lo...I can't resist PINK!
we went to Bugis on that day...then we went to OG albert then Chinatown.... huahuaa...simple =P

Classic lol
art ha!
had this salted fish fried rice
bought this mascara and eyeliner from Watson!
so PINK =)

and for dinner I suggested Laksa from Toast box...reason, I was watching a show on ch8, the actress kept saying she wants laksa ! haha so I was so craving for it =P again mum and sis stayed over night...mum clean my house, mop the floor every morning, wash dishes, iron all my clothes etc etc...whauhauaa so paiseh loh...I kept saying "mami no need lah I'll do it myself but LATER" mum replied "wait for you to do it, next year bah" haha =P

And today ! I ordered Mcbreakfast for mum ! mum LOVES Mchotcakes ! hohoho !!
then I accompanied mum to CitySquareMall for an express shopping hoho...she bought a dress and a O.P.I nail polish...then we headed to Harbour front at about 2pm ! we had a quickie lunch before they went back at Orange Latern, Vietnamese Restaurant

mango salad, spring role and prawn

the main course was grilled fish set BUT they was so slow that we decided to take away huh ! and then...that's it I guess...will continue on the next post...stay tuned !

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