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29 March 2010

Lonely Earth Hour

Street in front of my house was super busy !
Jam Jam Jam and Jam !
lol Luckily I took a bath before 8.30pm ! =)
I had a leftover Sausage McMuffin with egg!
haha..I knew..left over egg can cause food poisoning
but who cares? =P I was soooo HUNGRY hehe...
I ordered too much breakfast this morning.
anywae..It's still can be eaten and I am still alive =P

I am not sure if my neighbour participated in the earth hour too
I hope they were..

I enjoyed the view in front of my house..
haha with GUCCI of course !
the most romantic moment with Gucci ever !
He slept on my lap and I sayang sayang him...!

It was so silent that I started to give myself PROBLEM !
I started to think about my past present and future HUH
I was so stress, I talked to Gucci and I dropped my tears huh...
anywae !

There was an earth hour event happening at the City Square Mall at that time
but I didn't participate. I hate crowd !
especially when I am ALONE phew!

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