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11 March 2010

Jam Hsiao Jing Teng Autograph Session, Fresh !

Just came back from City Square mall...for? I was craving for sweet sweet !! haha.. bought me tom yum...that was my first meal of the 6 pm !! huhu..

then after I've done with my tom yum, I tried to find something from my fridge, something sweet ! phew...I can't find without thinking...I rushed myself to City Square Mall..whauhuaa just 30 seconds away from my home lol...then coincidentally a Taiwan singer Hsiao Jing Teng was having his autograph session in the mall (I just goggled =P) yah I know nothing about him. Just coincidentally walked by and so I purposely took some photos and videos to share here... =P these are some of them...

ok obviously can't see anything...
with my height what do you expect =P

ok a bit..

hmph..the song sounds familiar =P

ok basically you can't see anything in this video because I am too short haha..btw.. I am not his fans haha...just coincidentally walk by lol...

ok I hope you can see something from this video =P

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