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30 March 2010

I went to apply for my next life

I went to apply for the next stage of my life I mean =P haha..sounds funny...sounds like I have to fill up an application before proceeding the next stage of my life hahaha yay ! yesterday I went to office for some paperwork.. Fortunately there were some other ex-interns who works there least I am not alone...

lunch with joe and reuben
then they bought fruit juice...

and I starts working from today (temporary-job while waiting for univ) ! hmph... my company is going to apply an "S pass" for me ! the min salary for S pass is 1.8k which mean after receiving my S pass I'll be receiving 1.8 a month yay yay yay! not bad wor salary for a temporary job... anyway ! yesterday after office, at about 2 pm I went to SIM to submit my application...

Thanks to Grandma, Lenny and ST !!
Thanks for the information hoho...

So now I am a pro to SIM hahaha no of course not..
not until I am officially their student haha...
okay! so the nearest MRT to SIM is CLEMENTI !
abt 20mins journey if you start from outram park
after arrived, turn to the right side
go to the bus station on the right side..
let me repeat...RIGHT SIDE haha...
there're several buses 154, 184, 52
it's about 6-7 station away...
after maju camp..

tadah! S.I.M
so you'll see this gate....go straight!
then use the stairs go to second floor...

find this ! (as I forget the direction haha..)
that wasn't difficult don't worry!

It was VERY CROWDED when I was there...
my Q number was 1236
while the number that's going on was
1180+ lol it was like 50 people away

I was so bored and decided to go to popular on 3rd floor..
it's located beside the canteen =)

So finally I've submitted my application...
application fee for local was S$ 64.20
and International student was $ 192.60

I was being charges $64.20 at first
and then, when I was on the way to bus station,
I realized something is wrong!
and I smile!
hahaha do I really looks like SINGAPOREAN !?
aiyoomg! I went back to pay another $128.60 ckck
my purpose was to surprise them by saying I'm INDONESIAN!
hahaha lol

then I went back to Clementi Mrt
(from bus stop IN FRONT of SIM)
and I saw this!

twist potato! saw this at Vivo City before..
I thought it's a crispy kind of potato..
I mean something like chips?
and NO ! it's not !

it was so soft...just like french fries!
omg I'm in love with twist potato now...

there are cheese, spicy, etc etc flavour =)

bye clementi !

The result will only be announced by MAY duh!
may will be a busy month..

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