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03 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland (Gala premiere) Movie Screening

I am slacking!
yay ! I have nothing to do currently !
seriously NOTHING
Until I found my university or a work
I am not sure whether I should...

Smile =)
Sad =(

hoho anywae ! So...
I won a pair of Alice wonderland Movie screening
(Gala Premier) !! Thanks nuffnang ! ^^v
So before the movie,
I was planning to meet bf at
ION orchard for dinner at 6 !!

And he appeared at almost 06.30...!! duhay!
So Guess what did I do before he came?
take photo !!!! where? In the toilet ! wahahahaha....

ok there were no one ! take one first =P

ok 1st 3 pictures were all almost the same haha...

my face looks messy here haha...
don't tell anyone that I took this in the toilet =P


ok eyebag exposed + idiot pose..

nearer to the light...
seriously ! don't tell anyone !

ok my mouth cant stop being in this position...
simply because.....
My face looks much smaller haha...

see my face is not that small =P

this is too near to the light >_< bitchy eyes..haha..

the lighting was fabulous ! haha...
and..yes my doraemon hand lol

this is the place !

I adjusted the brightness and contrast
of all photo's above...
I was on my fake lashes
no contact lens..
and of course make up!

So after thousands years of waiting....finally he appeared !!

I was supposed to be VERY ANGRY
30mins of waiting man!
but it was okay....
since I spent my time happily...
in the toilet..
taking loads of photos

We went to Lu Gang Xiao Zhen by Asian Kitchen
for our dinner..
and these were the food that we ordered...

UME drink =) my all time favorite, love!
and he always order redbean milk tea!

tong hoon
not too bad..

tofu ! tofu tofu !

bacon wrap cabbage !
that was awful! wek..the soup was sticky and tasteless
I guess they only use 1 strip of bacon lol!

pork was yummy!

our table!
I looks taller with the dress and the heels
(still short! ok lo...)
and can you believe that
this picture was taken by
a student from a DESIGN school !
*claps..the skill was...ehemp!

so we went to Shaw, LIDO !
and here we come....
Alice in Wonderland =)

yuhuuu !!!
it was a free seating arrangement..
so we queued up very early

a picture with other nuffnangers before the movie...
spot me?

was quite crowded

the stage...
there were performances !!!!

But because...
at that time, I've already deposited
ALL my electronic devices..
including HANDPHONE ! T-T
I didn't take the photo of it...

see !! there were some securities around
to check your bag before you go in...
it was really strict ! as it was a preview screening =)

Alice in wonderland poster everywhere...

haha my oily face and his stupid look after movie...
ehya! he slept for a while during the movie ckck..

otw home....

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