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07 March 2010

Saturday Healthy Dinner (Dating?)

yay !! So I went for a date (drama!) with bf last night..huh ok...back to fact! It was just a normal dinner as usual T-T I guess...we can't differentiate dating and casual outing already..wahaha... So ! we had our dinner at City Square Mall (yah! where do you expect?) the furthest dinner he will takes me to will be orchard? bugis? huh... but if his friends asked him to go out, even Changi he'll also go (how sad rite T-T)

phew....ok.. so we had our dinner at this restaurant called the SOUP was on lvl 2 if I am not wrong.... we choosed al fresco dining..

view from our table
City Square Residences
hauhau never know that the place that I've stayed for a year
looks so nice at the night...

huahauaa anyone want slimming soup? =P

double boiled dried scallop with black chicken soup

For wellness =)
YUMMY !!!!! yah it looks like normal hainanese chicken !
But the ginger seasoning in the center was FAB !! lol..
it was so nice that I can only eat rice+ ginger huahua...

you can wrap the chicken, ginger, cucumber in a cabbage leaf
and eat it as a wrap =)

salted fish tau ge ! huahaua was $10/
bf kept saying..crazy man ! Rp 70.000 for a plate of tauge !
at Indonesia Rp 5000 tau ge can cooked 3-4 plate of this... =)
which is true =)

steamed fish !

lol the teeth
olive rice

yawn..guess what? Bf gave me a flower !!!!



Can you believe it?

he said "nah I give you flower...."


he transferred the chrysanthemum in his glass to my glass lol

hahaha ok it's not romantic but..
I still love it...haha he always makes me laugh =P
e.g: 2 days ago..he was stressed because of his studies
and I asked him what happen?
he refused to tell me..and finally
he replied....

"tadi ketahuan nanam padi di skolah"
(I was caught growing rice in the campus)
wahahahahahahaha how can I not laugh lol...

time to pay !!! was about $80 fiuh...
ok worth it...since It was an HEALTHY dinner !

so cute !!!!!
we went to pet lover at City Square mall...
for cici's food and snacks...

and....Fair price for groceries...

love !
I always bun up my hair when I am at home !
haha looks like I was having cotton candy lol

stay tune ! I am going to cook tom yum !!!

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