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06 March 2010

Contract settled ! =)

Oooooo....mamamia ! I am hungry !!! T-T have not eat anything yet since the last 24 hours.... huh bf promised to go for dinner after I've done my blog...I am damn hungry now... hikz hikz... Nah ! So yesterday I went out to meet my landlord as I wanted to extend my rental... My brother is coming soon, so I only extended the contract for another 6 month simply because we will move to bigger house yuhuu....!! Actually I wanted to settle down lo... buy a house instead of renting it., move and rent and move , rent, move...... I want to decorate my VERY OWN room -_-" ok I went to International Plaza at Tanjong Pagar to meet her, we went to have coffee at The Coffee bean, chit chat for a while and DEAL ! yay! ok 1st issue settled ! well at least I don't need to worry about my accommodation in Singapore for another 6 months =)

she was queuing for the drinks...
while I secured the seat =P

my lovely cappuccino was too much foam lol

After settled I move on to meet another person.
A person that I knew from Natas fair.

Hoho she told me that she will introduce me
a part time business..I thought it will be interesting

so I went down to meet her at Park mall....

oh gosh Isn't this lovely? so PINK =)

So ! It was a multi level marketing business.. was mostly about beauty product for woman such as lipstick, sanitary napkin, shampoo etc...She did a Demo for me..and actually I found the video on the youtube If you're interested feel free to click PLAY =)

I was quite surprised with the Demo. that was an insight for me. She actually compared their products with other brand products. I guess I heard about it before. It was about Negative Ion..
what's that? just imagine that...

+ Positive Ion +
you'll get it from some electronics devices
]such as computer hand phone etc...

- Negative Ion -
you'll only get it from natural environment
such as kampong, forest etc...

basically negative Ion will refresh you, give you energy and it's good for your body. And to the point, their product have that, if you want to know more, you can Google about *Winlite =)

So the conclusion was, I am interested with the product but not the business... simply because it's tiring and I don't have time for that kind of business =)

ok! So after from Park mall I moved to Plaza Singapura for a walk... ups dangerous... when you hear *Irene.. walking... in.... a.... MALL* tadaaa that's mean expenses ! I bought this lashes and see that? anna sui wannabee comb! haha...I just can't resist it...It was a set with the travel kit..and now I've to start to count how many travel kit I have.. haha I have a LOT !

- $50 from my bank T-T

Support earth hour !
register yourself at this booth
(Plaza singapura- in front of the body shop)
because every person registered,
Capital Land will donate $1

or you can
register yourself online....
Pledge your support here and
turn off your lights for one hour, Earth Hour,
8.30pm, Saturday 27th March 2010.

and the I went to buy Yoshinoya !!!
guess what? I was left with $12.40
while the total was $12.60
I was lacked with $0.20 !!
and they don't accept nets, visa or what ever....
so I told the girl,
I am going down to withdraw the money...
and I'll come back...
the girl said "no it's okay..
I'll pay the 20 cents for you..."
omg I was so delighted !
not because that I don't need to pay the 0.20 okay!
she saved me from the hassle of traveling up and down for it.
so I complimented her by filling the feedback form...
0.20 is not much but it really makes my day.. =)

I love their new Satsuma set ! was only $5
including rice+ veggie+ fish cake + drink !
love it love it !

haha I drew this on his hand.. =P
he's force to be my fans hahaha...

cam whoring time =P

yay messy hair =P

see the difference?
use hair to cover face is a technique...
and in this photo...
my plump face exposed =P

I turned on the table lamp...
and I looks orangee here =P

and I bun up my hair...
without saying you know...
my face will look super plump...
so that, I didn't look at the camera =P

Gucci wu lala...
hi !!
what do you want baby?
fiuh~ so Friday night just me, you and little tiger =)

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