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14 March 2010


This is a random post ! it sums up some random photos these days ! duh I AM BORED !!! I am waiting for MONDAY ! yay ! I am going to TP to get my result tomorrow ...DUHya ! have I mentioned about this? I've completed my...



Business !!

(that's long lol)

YAY !! Graduation ceremony will be held in May I guess...

This is my result ! Obviously I am not showing off because my result is not good.. The purpose of posting it here is to save it in my blog. So when I am old, it will be my reference !

Someday ago, I was dreaming !! I dreamed that my last semester result has brought my total GPA up from 3.06 to 3.5 !!! duh...yah...that was a dream, A beautiful dream ! haha.. In fact, it only has an improvement of 0.01 !!! haha ok at least it increases LOL (try to feel better)

Ok back to the after getting my overall semester result, I'll be going to some places to submit my whatever documents and university's applications forms. ehya ! I need to submit passport size PHOTO too...!! Anyone know where I can take that kind of photos? please kindly leave comment if you know something about it =)

Nah ! So what have I done with my life these few days?
I am bored ! staying at home, doing nothing !
All I do is eat rest sleep !
simply NO LIFE !!

Charles&Keith and TheBodyShop SALE can't even move me out from the house... LOL! I missed the SALE huhuhu.. Recently I slept at 5 am ! waking up at 2-3 pm ! somekindof sleeping in the morning, waking up in the afternoon lol haha..I stayed at home everyday hoping bf will buy some food for me hahaha *sounds so poor rite lol...

so he did buy many many food for me..haha..obviously weight increased LOL ! I told bf I wanted to play Tennis..he said okay ! yay! we'll go out and buy tennis rackets ! wohoo !! pink or purple? hmph...

Mahanttan Fish Market !

Platter for 2 !
there were rice, prawn and fish !
and I finished it all myself ! fml !

hahahaha heart shape egg in the middle of the night...

he made it =) sweet rite..
but I didn't eat any of it..haha..

he finished it all..fhl ! haha..

yay ! Deluxe breakfast sometimes ago =P

Yum cha dim sum !

That's it for today..
I am waiting for bf to deliver food for me now haha =P
thanks for reading...

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