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20 February 2010

Course Closure Party at Club Islander, Sentosa !

OMG ! it was sooooo FAST !
It has came to the end of my 2 years in Singapore...
Amazing man! =)

So! I attended our, DHTB8 course closure party last Thursday night and It was FUN ! whuahuaaa....there were games, performances, food and a lot more !

Yes..I was late again...!!! it started at 06.30 and I reached at abt 7pm! duh again, I was cab-ing! it costed me 18 bucks HuHuHu....


Try to make my face looks smaller =P

huhuhu my 18 bucks !

my temporary complimentary pass to enter SENTOSA!

Mr Yong Kit Mun our course manager =)

video time!

Ng mama!
Mr Mark koh!
freebies ! A mug and lanyard !

nyam ! appetizer!
whauhuawa shadow !
sorry my friends, blur!
huehueee........finally ! I was starving!

my salad nyam !

baked potato, chicken, pineapple fried rice, veggie!

our table~
club islander
dessert time!

game time!
BIngo !
Lucky martina ! She got it !

Duh 39! Almost!Video of our lectures ! COOL!

my care person, mama tay!
burst man game !
Martina and I decided to participate !
thx Henny for the pictures ! we look blur here ! =P

they didn't win in the game, so sad!

our turn! 12 letter oh gosh thats long....

and we won !!!!
wahahahahaha !!
we won a pair of Universal Studio Ticket !
wohooo !!! with free combo meal too !

happy happy !

with mr chan

sah ! Jason donated a song haha...
with HOT babe !
wohooo viet- Indian Belly dance!

Super hot !

my nose was bleeding wahaha =P

with stella !

ups sorry shi yang! huahuaa...

With Ms Daga
w/ our MC, Jason

Mongolia, Vietnam, Indonesia

w/ Mr Ang....duh can't see anything~

Coke slurpeee !! I love slurpeee !!

walked to our school.....
so beautiful rite?

looks like resort.... isnt? =)
taken by Henny

otw to Monorail
Lastly ! photo of us Indonese... =)

flower, Vivo City


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