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13 February 2010

Valentine Gift Exhange !

We will not spend valentine together this year T-T so sad! he went back to Medan on 10 Feb we celebrated Valentine earlier... When I asked "When do we celebrate Valentine?" He replied "We need to celebrate?" what the hat-chium ! huh...

I ordered a cake from swiss bake *again!? yes! as I have a $10 voucher ckck..I only spent $5.50 on the cake ^o^v love the chocolate they use REAL chocolate.. I mean... not very sweet as they use a lot of dark chocolate..see the notes!?

tada...duh the letter is bigger than the cake...
wahaha I ordered the smallest size
because I know we're not going to finish it...
which is true...
bf has left and now I have to finish it myself duh!

the cake is better without the letter loh ckck...


Hoho so now...
time to Exchange gift
Know how we do it?

Bf came and throw a something to me..
and I know that's my gift !

And I said
"Actually I also bought something for you"
go and get it yourself !

He bought this for me...

opening ceremony ckck...

w/ sticker

w/o sticker

Gucci Gucci~ hohoho...
I have 2 Gucci now =P

For him !
I bought him a Burberry shirt (his fav!)
hoho I bought it from the expo some days ago..
ckck =P

the actual colour is purple !
I love purple and I want him to wear purple !

For me, even it's on sale..
It's not cheap lor..!
for only a shirt like this..
actual price $459
I can get abt 30 pieces from G2000 wahaha...
but well..yes branding !
duh....He likes it?
I think so =)

And our Valentine..
to be continue... =P

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