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21 February 2010

Universal Studio Singapore !

yay yay yay ! Happy Happy Happy !!! hauhaua.. Tons of pictures to share !! As what I mentioned in my Previous Blog...Martina and I won a pair of ticket to Universal Studio Preview...!! We were damn happy ! and decided to go on 19 February ! hohoho...we were planning to meet at 04.00 then 04.15, then 04.30, 04.45, 05.00, 05.30 and finally 05.45 !! hahaha typical Indonesian =P

city square mall lift
I looks sleepy =P
tada ! I was dressing..haha dressing of salad ?

OMG !!! we were finally there! Universal Studio, Resorts World at Sentosa ! we've been waiting for this since 2 years ago, when we first start our school, The Tourism Academy at Sentosa! And it just nice...when we're about to graduate it is almost done!

Happy Happy !!!

ME outside of USS !!

Whuahuaaa...I was on slipper =P Actually I brought my heels along with me ! it was in my bag.. ckck... but because Martina was on slipper too, I decided to heels is not cheap hahaha *kidding...

Imma in the HOLLYWOOD !

omg this is my cafe ! haha
but according to our friend, Zexsen, Resorts world Staff
the food wasn't that nice..
I mean the bread huahuaa...

some performance going on...

Studio's snacks!

Madagascar !

Martina and I
All the staff were very active =)

again performances...

Finally we decided to settle down becauseee...
we were entitled for a complimentary combo meal !
and we were seriously starving !

tadaaa!! my set =)

I love it !
rendang were awesome !

dessert Oreo flavored cake?

Far Far Away
and when we were done, the sky has turned DARK huhuhu....
even worse...
it was going to RAIN duh!

So we went into the Shrek's potion shop !

haha I love his bunch of hair ! cute !

w/ Shrek Behind us!
very magical shop..
wahaha just like Harry potter's school
(I don't know what's the name, howart? anything..)
haha..full of potions !

me with little donkey !

Martina and I
Finally we decided to move ! huahuaa....
another restaurant I guess...
then this couple
decided to go back to the potions shop to buy umbrella,
how romantic rite...hauahua...
but too bad, after they bought it, it stop raining...
my my my my my castle !!!

Then we moved to
The Lost World

Four of us !
and the dinosaurs !
The Jurassic Park !

Nice right?
and Guess what? I insisted to go back to my castle !! hahaha....
and we decided to take photo !!
thanks aaron and win !

Gift Shop !

roar !
no of course not, I am a kind lady =P

I have to catch this little devil =P

what the..haha so funny lol

oh this is one of the attractions that most people looking for !
it's based on the movie of The Mummy

haha Egypt pose


world tallest roller coaster !


The couple were looking for taxi =P
our taxi !

our Taxi is here ! let's open the door and get in ..
wait wait let's pose to the paparazzi first haha =P

is that done? =P
blur ! basically it just shows you, my another palace =P

cihuy ! 3 ladies on the new york street
I want that strawberry cake !

went in to hat and accessories shop to dress up !
do I look nice with this? haha...
nope ! this is weird !
aha ! I want this !
Ups =P

martina ! join me ! =P
yay !

Kung Fu Panda !

whauhaua so cute rite the hat !
I love my pink hat !
DUH ! after this picture ! My phone goes *Battery Empty*

wth !!

I have not found my favorite character


and we found it ! I was SUPER EXCITED !!!
and fortunately Martina's phone was still alive !!

Hi buddy !
how cute !

ups thats too high...
nah !

Hahaha I can't stop posing with Betty bitchy boop ! =P

She's just as Bitchy as me haha...

I am an actress !!

and also a director =P


  1. OMG you people can really take photos - looked like you had tons of fun too!!!! Nice Pictures. Don't foget to get back to reality and use SINGAPPORE time when you start work after graduation (No more Indonesian time ok?)

    All the best from Aunty Lee Li!

  2. Hi Ng mama! suprised that you read my blog =) yeappie will try to use Singapore time hahaha =P


Thanks for your lovely comment!