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15 February 2010

Thuan Yuan Fan !

Bro came last Friday...He was looking for some nice shirts and pants so I accompanied him to Vivo City and Bugis. He stayed over night at my house and went back together with me on Saturday ! There whee a lot of people who queued for ticket..phew....

What did I brought back?
A lot of stuff ! wahaha..
These were SOME of them...

momi so little?

nah !

momi bring me home !

Gucci wants to follow momi !

Except Gucci !

haha he just want to be in the photo =P

I sent him to Aunty Rose's place...

add PETS DREAMS on facebook =)

From 13 to 16 February and It costs me $155..
see...Going back to Indonesia is not that easy !

huahua...I have to make sure Gucci can be put somewhere..
then I can go ! hoho...

Gucci ready?

Before going...I love my pink cocktail !

So Guess what? Before I was about to depart,
while I was Queuing...
Someone called "BK BK" and
I turned my head to the side
oh gosh! it was Syamsuri, my ex classmate..

wahaha what the hell..
he still teased me with my dad's name..
rude! haha but nevermind...
he finds seats for me and my bro...
how sweet ! haha thanks !

And finally I AM HOME !! huaaa...
the first thing I did was...EATING !
I was super hungry...
ckck...and we lao yu sheng-ed on that night..

dad said " eh you know what? people bring along something with them wherever they go and when they want to take photo, that something represent him/her" and I replied "???" he continued "wait ! I have something !" and he ran......



and came back with this rabbit...wahaha...
he insisted to put the rabbit first before I shoot !
how cute he you dad !

How do we lao yu sheng?

ailing become slimmer ahr...

momi can lower her voice ahr...

en en's nose can stop bleeding ah !
hahaha a lot of rubbish lol

haha the bunny was almost swim !

we were acting for this picture..

was being entertained by Taiwan entertainment programme !

my rome !!

nothing much left ! ckck..

ting tong !

Then we went to ah-mah house =)

Lastly me and si mbek !
Happy cny =)

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