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11 February 2010

Sweet Sweet

I skipped class yesterday
duh...In fact I skipped today's morning class too..
that's why I am here...
updating my blog ckck....

Actually I went to school at 9 this morning...
But I forget my phone..yes AGAIN!
so I decided to go home JUST to take my phone =P

I am going to attend class at 2 later..
I have 15 mins left for this blog..

chocolate from Mr Chan

Duh ! Bf has flied to Medan..
He abandoned Gucci and I
how sad ! hohoho...
I went to Clark Quay yesterday
randomly wanted to SHOP !
I was looking for nice heel...!!
Comfortable and High heel!

Duhh can't find any...
bought some candies home...
just to make myself feel happier..
ckck.. *Drama!

Know this candy shop before
as I often goes to The Central in the past...
For part-time job...

They do customized candy !
you can write your name on the candy
or happy birthday or I love you
or happy valentine maybe...
Anything =)

Decided to buy something

I bought GrapeFruit and Apple rock !
So nice love it !
It taste unique....
grapefruit candy?
Ive never tried before hoho..
love Pink Grape Fruit !

And Guess what?
I found this place...

Valentine everywhere....

OMG I hate it !
I am not going to celebrate my vday with bf this year...
He's in Medan
I'll go back to Batam
Gucci will stay in Singapore

We are all apart huhuhu...

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