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06 February 2010

Super busy Friday !

yaw ! So yesterday...I attended Events and Exhibitions class in the morning, then attended guest speaker session about SPA at 10 ! after that, I went to print my CV and ahead to TP ! I was alone they (med, cynn, henny and martina) went there earlier, as I have quite a number of things that I planned to do ckck...guess what? I have not tie my hair, change my heels, etc etc haha small thiggy that wasn't important lo !

My journey started from Sentosa monorail to Vivo city then walk to Harbour Front MRT to Farrer Park then finally by Bus to Tampines ! wahaha not done yet !

Bus-Alone ! I seldom take bus when I am alone ! because I will go missing ! it's either alight too early or too late...

TP !

Honestly I don't know where's foyer nor auditorium lol
I just tried every door that I can see
and guess what ?
I went to one corner and
suddenly everyone who sat nearby stared at me..
then I realized something wrong !
wahaha the door is not openable..
I guess it's a storeroom or whatever room lol
omg *so embarassing wahaha...

finally ! a clue duh !
amazing race? haha..

I applied to 2 cpmpanies ! Club 21 and Resort World =) Actually after this I planned to further study ! but yah...just in case =) I planned to join SIM ! reasons; I don't think I can and I don't really want to study at govt. university huahuaa because it takes 3-4 years to finish ! oh gosh ! I don't want to married that late.. wahaha =P

After TP opportunity fair, I took bus from TP to Tampines MRT then to City Hall then walk to Suntec city for field trip! met bf for a while..handed something to him...he keep saying "ugly hair ugly hair" huh not only that, even said it to his friend "hey you know she cut her hair? so ugly. rite?" <= I was like -_-" wth (what the hua-chium !, I mean..??)

met my classmate at Suntec City level 2 !

tadaa...with bangs ! ckck...
hmph...I forget her name ckck...
hmph.. actually I didn't listen the introduction =P

I love this picture !

something will happen tmw
this amazed me !

chair for stadium ! this is how they looks like when they're not in use...amazing right?

don't believed? this may give you a better picture..hohoho...

back of house..

I asked bf "whats lazy susan?"
as he's an interior designer
and guess what?
he lectured for about 10mins about it..
or maybe it's me that was hardly understand
what did he say =P
or uhmp ! whatcha say....- Jason derulo listened to this song recently

carpark for exhibitor...

Trucks can go into the hall from here..

in the lift
haha everyone was paying attention except me! =P

the hall

Meeting room

lastly the way they save water...
these pipes on the ceiling is meant for rain water!
they will use these water to water all the plants
cool right ! nice design go green save earth !

Again not done yet ! After the field trip I went to find something to eat with martina and cynn at Food Republic then we shopped along City Link Mall then headed to City hall Mrt. Then I went to Tanah merah interchange to change mrt to EXPO and finally from EXPO again, Tanah merah, Lavender and walked home !

There was an uncle very weird ! these were our conversation;

Uncle : gen wo mai fan lar..wo gei ni hong bao, li mien yiou chien de ! (Buy rice in my stall I 'll give you ang pao with money inside)

Rene : na li khe neng... ni phien ren... ( are lying!, as I know we 'll get angpao only (I mean w/o money) if we spent $6 )

Uncle : ni you mei you du ma? (do you gamble?)

Rene : "mei you !" (No !)

Uncle : Phen dan ahr! (stupid !)

Rene *eyes big big stared at him

Uncle : cuan zhi yang duo chien, na yi dian lai du lar... ying yi dian chien(earned so much money, bet a bit and win a bit lar...)

Rene : shu le cher me pan? (what if lost?)

Uncle : wo fu lo (I paid lo)

Rene *wt-hallow!

Cynn : wo men hai shi student ! (we're still student)

Uncle : Hai zai yong fu mude chien ahr... (still use parent money?)

Cynn : ye bu shi zhe yang... (not really like this..)

Martina : byk kali bacot org ini...pergi yok... ( this person talk so much rubbish..let's moved (in bahasa))

Uncle : awak orang indonesia ahr (you are indonesia? (in bahasa too) (*&*^$%#@#@ what the hat-chium !)

haha so we moved to another place by acting that some other friends were waiting for us at other side lol

note: I know my pinyin sucks ! I mean sock lol...??

ok ok we moved and had our meal away from the weird uncle hohoho...I had this tom yum hot pot! hohoho..

waiting for MRT to Expo !

yah open air train is quite scary !
it's so near to me lol

Will share about EXPO trip next post =P

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