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07 February 2010

Slacking Sunday !

ahrrr crazy ! I have not start my 6 pages assignment duh ! I really have no mood to do it lorhhhhhh..... duhay ! I keep thinking what to do what to do? Chinese new year is coming... straighten or perm my hair...colour? nail extension? what to wear on the first day....duhay ! Rene ! You still have A LOT OF ASSIGNMENT in hand... stop dreaming rubbish... help needed T-T

So what I had this morning?
instant noodle + instant EGG !

basically it's a cooked egg that
I can eat whenever I want...

you can find it at any ntuc I guess...
living in Singapore really makes me lazier...
(wonder why why why?)

plain noodle
add some seaweed...

open the packaging not shell ckck..

done !!

Then... for dinner, I had this
peach mini bun w/ lotus filling

I did something to my nail...
yes to my fat finger !
you thought I am free?
I am not loh ! tmd to myself duh !

base coat
redish gold
yellowish gold
glittery gold
done !

stiker !
complete !
my nail now...

assignment assignment !
I have to start NOW !

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