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25 February 2010

S813 Class Gathering

I am so in Hello Kitty mood today !!! muahahaha !!! I was wearing a Hello Kitty T-shirt ! randomly found it from my wardrobe and randomly wanted to wear it =P

I just came back from class gathering party, at Mr.Lou's place, Pandan Valley Condo! we were supposed to gather at Clementi MRT at 05.15pm. And as usual, I was late..haha I was purposely late actually =P was cleaning my house, taking care of Gucci, make up and photos !! haha =P

decided to tie up my hair...
was wearing a cute doggy earing

me in my Hello Kitty shirt !

w/ Gucci...
how are you today cici?
hmph!? sad?
ok sleep then =P
ups thats too close...

new way to take photo ! and now I know how dirty the laptop screen is !

another shoot ! thats it !

and yah 05.15 weather was still very sunny !! bbq on this hot sunny day! I thought that was too I went there at about 06.15? hoho..I told my classmate, I will go there by myself =) and I managed to arrive there safely hauhaua =P

I took 165 from Clementi bus interchange at Clementi MRT =)

Aw nice flower....
My world is colourful =P
Otw to bbq pit near to swimming pool =)
I was on time...they just started =P

Place with food = People

I was in charge of all these meat,sotong,fish, mushroom ball !!!

Kelly said "1st batch of meatball " haha..
yay yay yay !!
amy made this myanmar style of *pao chai* (veggie)


pretty babes

Doreen Mark and Sherrie

satay !

lol ! smokey !

smoke smoke smoke
Mr.Mark kor, Ms Ng ! and
Roy, who just arrived !
see...someone was later than me =P
hauhaua =P
I am hungry !! anything to eat?
I got a pork...
but the picture is missing lol
robert ! concentrate ! =P
Finally a chicken wing !

Dessert time !

chocolate banana

marshmallow !
ok that was my first time....barbecuing marshmallow...
and It was

I put a plate on top of the hold my marshmallow...

then...I took this video....

and forget abt my marshmallow...


this was the result lol
close up

want some? haha...
my marshmallow, medy and I
so romantic !
want to drink some?

some dark businesses were going on =P

time to clean up !

I don't know what was flying around..
the charcoal?

thanks medy...I love this pic ! haha..
w/ classmate and classmate's boyfriend =P

pool is at the other side...
we've done the cleaning
this mean something very exciting will happen
if you go beyond this point..

and I guess it is even more exciting
than USS Sci-Fi roller coaster =P

Last meeting...
I will miss all of you, my friend and lectures !!

otw home, if you can see anything =P

Nites !

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