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21 February 2010

Resorts World at Sentosa !

Duh! I accidentally deleted my post about the Resorts world Trip ! huhuhu.... lemme recall what I wrote...

So on last Wednesday, I went back to campus for my last two test, I wasn't confident on my Spa test simply because the answer were all asking for suggestions, opinions and ideas..I am not sure Ng mama will agree with me...

We went to have our lunch at Vivo City and
I had this meepok cam meekia minced meat noodle !

I was sad that day because we have to return our Sentosa pass to the school huhuhu...I was planning to apply Sentosa Islander Pass ($19.90/pax or $50/ family of 5)

we randomly decided to go to the Resorts world to have a look...

we started from Imbiah station

my paradise !
omega, vertu, bvlgari, etc etc..

Luckily I am not a Singaporean nor a PR yet =P

omg !! Finally Victoria Secret come to Singapore !

5 of us after class

cherry cordial chocolate !


then we decided to rest for a while as we were exhausted and thirsty !

Chilli's !

when it beeps mean our table is ready !

that caucasion is medy's bf ! haha =P

My strawberry Lemonade

cindy's cocktail

done !
I am home !

Next post will be about Universal Studio !

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