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13 February 2010

Last day in The Tourism Academy at Sentosa !

OMG ! 2 years is so FAST ! I was attending the last lecture, last tutorial yesterday... I will miss;
the monorail (especially the pink one...)

Sentosa !
Peacock !

My class !
Lectures !
Canteen !
Ritz !
Toilet with the password
Kou fu
Pahlawan beach
Indosui !
All my friends duh !

I am going to cry ! T-T sad...and happy =P

So all of us were dressed in Formal attire for Events and Exhibitions Presentation Some picture here... Enjoy !


Head of Department
Vincent...actually I am very proud of him..
wahaha he's a very CLEVER GENIUS BRILLIANT

I didn't join them because I am too heavy to jump haha =P

bag of sale 3 for $1 =P

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