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04 February 2010

Irene Bang Her Head !

ahhhhhhhhrrrrrr !! yes I bang-ed my head ! hahaa...

So...let's start from Monday !

yay btw sorry for the late update...
everynight when I was about to update my blog...
while waiting for to load
Importing pictures from N95
(yes I don't have a proper camera and no one believed lol everyone were SHOCK and said "don't tell lie") do I looks like someone who has a camera? (haha to myself)

I fell asleep in front of laptop..
Zzz...I am really TIRED huh
class from 9 to 6 really KILLS !

phew...ok ok so Monday !

As usual, went to school at 9 and it was a special day ! It was my dear Vietnam friend. Kelly Nguyen thuy trang bday ! I have an idea of doing a DIY bday card for her and I did it during the class =P

then we surprised her by randomly
sang a birthday song during classes.

Had lunch at kou fu on that day.
As what I said "strict DIET" ckck...
so I only had a fish teochew porridge on that day =).

my plum drinks !

cynn's mango icy~ I only had 2 spoons of it =P

Then during break time...
POCKY ! ups diet...
nevermind lha~ last snack of the day ok?
I bet I'll fail my diet lol

went to library....
was finding something to READ
Yes Irene+reading+ library = magazine

The only reading material that
can makes me to stay AWAKE

was browsing Jan issue of seventeen
these are some highlights

current trends...leopard printz and lacy lace..

aiyo so embarassing *aunty lucy haha...

yah this did reminds me

And guess what?
Cynn and Henny were with their NEW hair..
Then suddendly I realized omigod..
Indosui group's members were all with BANGS !
even hendra..he was also bang his hair lol I decided to cut bang too...
hahaha yes thats one of the reasons...
but actually I've ever planned to cut bangs too..
But think twice ! my face is as round as a ball..
so I was afraid that I'll be an upsize meatball!
(thats not funny..yes I know)

but at last ! I decided to UPDATE my hair...
so I called to several salons for reservation

and finally decided to cut my hair at
Fame Hair Designs Salon..

They're having some opening promotions..
and the guys there were quite cool...
but..... Unfortunately !
the one who cut my hair wasn't cool at all...
It takes about 3 hours to cut and settle my hair lol
was from 5 to about 8 !
He massages me and said
"you're very stress is it?"
"your neck is very tough...relaxx...."
I guess that was my fat lol

the guy who cut my hair was a very detail person..
he cut my hair layer by layer...

and this is the result....

This is Irene with bang !
with super ugly expression lol
was trying to be cute = fail !

hahaha yes...I really feels like having an umbrella on my head nowlol

this is me with side bang
with flashie !
see the different

side bang really makes me slimmer lorh !

can't stop trying to be SLIM ! huhuhu...
fail fail fail
no ways to look slimmer in the picture liao huhu...

Reactions from;

Bro => HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (through webcam)

Mum => Haha..nice..but too fat -_-"

Bf => Oh my god ! please go and extensionized your ugly...

Indosui => I keep saying *bulet ! (my feiicceee ise pely Raund !)

and they said no..! I looks younger with bang which I don't think so..

was laughing at Henny somedays ago... and now I am laughing at myself LOL btw I wasn't the one who wrote the "henny future husband" words

Tuesday !

blow my bang to the side side side !!!

breakfast with some latest magazines =)

that Cleo was mine, henny's go girl and seventeen!

Had lunch at canteen..
I had porridge + meat + veggies

can you see that? mineral water ckcck...

try to take slim photo again....FAIL !


my classmates really thought that I am pregnant wahaha...


Bought movie tickets and planned to watch it with bf on the evening...btw before went to plaza...I went to Suntec city with Martina..we went there for the Tangs Bazaar and I got nothing...things were still expensive and those stuff which were on sale wasn't really good phew...waste my time..ckckk met bf at Plaza Singapura...we watched the tooth fairy !

mushroom soup !

IT WAS A NICE MOVIE ! wahaha the rock was cute and I love the story... tooth fairy friend's I forgot the name.. the one with toothpick body haha...was very motivating.. overall...worth to watch ! =)

bf said he wanted to eat egg lol so we went to toast box and these were what we ordered =)

Wednesday !

I had lunch at Rits ! Caesar (appetizer), red snapper (main course) and pumpkin tart for dessert + white or black (mock tail)

Jessica was enjoying =P

I am hot ! xkxk
misc candy that goes around ckck...

Then I went back earlier than others...I went back at four ! hohohoo..I was having terrible stomach-ache.. So I approached Mr.Lee and asked "Can I go back now..I am not feeling well" hoho...and I got the permission ! yes ! when I was about to leave... "oh my god ! cannot cannot...I have to go to the toilet.." so I went to the nearest toilet...and deposit some gold.. ckck...Was nearly fainted you know...not kidding huh !

But after a while I was feeling better...especially when I arrived at Vivo city hahahaa...seriously...I recovered after I left Sentosa...wahahaha...went to Harbour front to book for ferry on 13 Feb ! and went to dakra to buy some clothes...

and Koven to Punggol Clinic =) but Seriously I was in pain before these...serious! SERIOUS ! was too early...I was the first customer ckck..spent $138 there huh..

Bought dinner, NASI GORENG for bf and I bought one packed for my self too T-T huhuhu I want to kill him ! And I've warned him !


simple reason ! because I will buy mine when I buy yours. NOT ONLY THAT ! I will buy Extra things too... such as this....

Chocolate snow ice

die die die

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