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10 February 2010

Funny ha !

Funny Funny Funny

duhay ! These day are funny !?

ckck I mean...
sometimes its HOT
sometime it RAINS

And Guess what?
Yesterday morning,
when I was about to leave house,
I realized ! omg ! I forget to charge my phone..!!
so I brought the charger along with me..

and otw to school...
I realized, I forget to bring my phone !
duh ! Idiot ! ckck...

A day without phone was a disaster for me!
No photo,
Can't contact anyone,
Can't be reached by everyone

Mum and sis came here yesterday..
I skipped my class at 4 and
rushed to meet them at 3+ !
I don't have hand phone!
How to contact them?
at first I borrowed
cynn's phone then martina's
but after I left?
The only phone I can use is the

Mum and Sis were using Indo's phone number
and my Question is...
Can public phone be used for international call?
I don't know!
and oh gosh !
The only number I remembered was
BF. phone. No
And I don't know what he was doing
I called him for hundreds time
and He didn't pick up !
*Anger to the Max*

And finally I found the way to call IDD
press 016 !
oh gosh I should read the instruction earlier..
wait ! I did read the instruction!
but not the last part..
it was covered by the phone
I am too short to see
*what the hell*
Finally I met them ! duh...
First impression from sis
"aiyoh zi yang yuan ahr !"
(you're face is very round)
yes my bangs!
tamade = woma duh
mum keep touching my hair and
says your hair is thinner
YES ! stupid hair dresser fault..duh...

And Today is a bad hair day! T-T

Okay ! Not funny bye !

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