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07 February 2010

Burberry and Robisons Expo Sale !

Today, I woke up earlier than usual..
For breakfast and lunch I had RUBBISH.
duh duh duh !
Anyway! At least I have a home-made soup!

tofu meatball and sukiyaki in chicken stock!

I had some chicken, the soup, salad and a coconut pie yeah...
I officially announced that MY DIET plan will never be Possible!
huh I give up ! tmd !

Bf went to the dog farm with his friend, Pasir Ris.
His friend was planning to buy a dog for a girl on valentine !
how sweet..I suggested him to go to Expo for the Burberry sale..
As it's nearby and guess what he bought for me?
wahaha..I will share about it some other days =P
He bought some Korea or Jap snacks? I dunno...

apple drink
cute or weird?

These are some of the pictures of Expo Burberry sale
that I took on last Friday! =)

we have to put everything in this plastic bag before going in ! duh...

yes like this ! So unglam rite...
Then they will secure the plastic (mustafa style...)

wow... 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80% discount !!

Some shirts and dresses..

skirt !

Robinson was also on sale !

Stay tune ! I'll post some of my finds from the Expo soon =)

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